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Hey gang, this coming Saturday something big will be happening and I just couldn't wait to share it with you all…

I’ll be adding another dog to my family and that brings the total to six pets. I now have three cats, two I got a week and a half ago, and two dogs with the third one coming this Saturday.

The two kittens I just got, Bonnie and Clyde, are bringing much joy to my life and have fit in very well with my family.

My wife, Natalie, is an animal lover who volunteers at animal shelters and is really big on protecting animals and preventing animal cruelty and abuse around the world.

I think we both bonded over our love for animals, particularly German Shepherds.

Our new dog isn’t a German shepherd because we wanted a dog that doesn’t shed, but Harry will be a great addition nonetheless.

He’s a chocolate labradoodle, and he is the cutest

Needless to say, all six pets will be keeping me very busy, but not too busy that I forget all my WealthPress subscribers.

I have big things that I’m working on for you guys. I want to keep the details mostly a secret but I’ve been working on small caps and currency ETF systems.

There are a lot of breakthroughs that are happening now that I started testing again and you’ll all be reading about it very, very soon.

Everything should be up and running before the summertime … which leads me into a funny story about the time I realized I was allergic to mangoes. 

***By the way... If you didn't get the opportunity to see my LIVE event from Thursday, take a minute and check it out now. 

We all know that mangoes are seasonal fruits mostly grown in the hotter summer months ... around this same time I would always end up with welts on my skin. 

I had no idea what was causing the welts until my wife suggested that it must be something that I was eating. And of course, she was right.

And here I was thinking it had to do with the summer heat, but mangoes were the culprit, and it only took me 22 years to figure it out.

Moral of the story …

Always listen to your wife. She’s always right.

If it weren't for her I wouldn’t have figured out the problem in order to eliminate it from my life. And my summer body would be covered in welts.

Speaking of summer body, have you ever tried Pilates?

I know this may sound silly to ask since most of my readers are older men, but Pilates has really brought joy to my life.

After years of lifting heavy weights, it really took a toll on my joints. At first, I was hesitant but I really look forward to it twice a week.

For any guy who thinks Pilates is not for you then you should rethink this notion because more and more men are turning to pilates and it has been really helpful for me.

It’s a great gender-neutral exercise. You should give it a try.

And after you have, you should let me know what you think.

Till then, talk soon. 

Roger Scott

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