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Stock Market Recap: Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021

Wall Street was up for the second straight session with gains leading to another round of fresh all-time highs for the major indexes — and more in Wednesday’s stock market recap.  President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris went to work right away following their swearing in today. They […]
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Politics Aside: Our Top Sectors To Invest in for 2021

There’s no arguing that this has already been a highly political couple of years, and that continues today with President Joe Biden’s inauguration. But let’s push the politics to the side — as much as we can — and take a look at some of the top sectors to invest […]
financial sector earnings outlook 2021 stock predictions from 2020 Best Pairs Trade

The Financial Sector Earnings Outlook for 2021: What to Expect

As earnings season has officially kicked off for the fourth quarter, investors are eager to see what the financial sector earnings outlook for 2021 will mean for their beloved bank stocks. 2020 was a difficult, whiplash of a financial year, and some U.S. banks took the brunt of it more […]

Trade This, Fade That: 2 Stay-at-Home Stocks With Different Results

For today’s trade idea, we’re going to cover “Trade This, Fade That.” As the title suggests, we’re going to provide you with a stock we like right now… and one we don’t. The first stock is one that we actually lost some money on back in August. It’s a stay-at-home […]

2021 Stock Market Trends To Follow

2020 was the year of COVID-19.  In this interview, we take you through the major stock market trends that you should follow throughout 2021. After the initial dropoff in the stock market due to the virus and the resulting struggle in economic outputs, prices rebounded and surged to record highs. […]
Best time to buy stocks Trump and Biden

The Biggest Trends in Each Major Index

Folks, today is the day that President Joe Biden officially takes office in the White House. So what does that mean for the stock market this morning? The futures market was up quite a bit and surprisingly so was the Nasdaq 100, which was up more than 120 points.  And […]