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Bitcoin Blasts Through $60k as Crypto Wallet Coinbase Goes IPO Tomorrow

The digital age is upon us, folks. Bitcoin shot through the $60,000 barrier to post a new all-time high of $63,728 just moments ago. And just so you know how insane this move is, I have had to edit that last sentence three times since I began writing. Source: Bloomberg […]
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1 Industrial and 1 Travel Stock for America’s Reopening Boom

High demand in overseas markets had Chinese exports rise 31% in March. This isn’t the 60% growth that China experienced in the first two months of 2021. However, it does reflect a strong bounce back in Beijing’s economy.  Important inflation data for the U.S. will be released today, which should […]
earnings season cushion JPMorgan Q1 2021 earnings

How To Build an Earnings ‘Cushion’ To Protect Your Stocks From Losses

We’re entering earnings season, and every time you buy a stock there’s something you should keep in mind… When the stock is going to report quarterly earnings!  You need to always make sure there’s enough distance around earnings when you buy a stock just in case it gaps down on […]
Microsoft bought nuance ev stocks with the most potential

Microsoft Makes a Big Move — For the Company and Our Portfolio

News can happen at any time and change your whole portfolio. That’s what happened Monday when the big announcement came that Microsoft bought Nuance. There’s been a lot of activity surrounding both parties as of late. Microsoft has reportedly been in talks to acquire several companies, including Discord and the […]
earnings season cushion JPMorgan Q1 2021 earnings

JPMorgan Is Expected To Crush Consensus in Q1 Earnings: How Investors Can Profit

This week is huge for earnings as reports for corporate first-quarter (Q1) numbers are going to start rolling in. So today I have a special report to preview JPMorgan Q1 2021 earnings. Whenever we have quarterly earnings reports, we always start with the financials… Case in point, with JPMorgan Chase […]
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2 Hot Firearm Plays To Get In on Now

If you’ve been with me for the long haul, then you should remember me mentioning rising firearm stocks last year, and that gun sales were going through the roof… And that the trend would continue heating up into 2021… or maybe even further.  Well, I happened to scan the NICS […]