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Netflix Subs Are Slowing Big Time… Do We Buy the Dip?

As a publication, Venture Society is designed for people who are searching for a deeper understanding of how and why financial markets behave the way they do. In general, we gravitate toward people who like to “look under the hood” and see how everything is interconnected.  And the way we […]
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3 New Stocks to Target From My SCI Scanner

If you’ve been keeping up with my videos lately, then you should already know that I have a unique Cumulative Strength Index (CSI) scan that I run. I use it as a barometer for the broader stock market, and to gauge major indexes like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 […]
Weekly Blitz Alerts

How To Pull Trade Ideas From Blitz Market Color and Weekly Commentary

I’m a busy man. In addition to trading and my everyday duties, this week I hosted two live webinars for the launch of my new service, Blockbuster Breakout Calendar (more on that later). On top of that, I get a lot of questions about my Weekly Blitz Alerts service. People […]
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Russell 2000 Forecast and the 5 Stocks to Target

A little while ago I filmed a Russell 2000 forecast video, and explained how it was beginning to come back to life. We received a couple of comments on our YouTube channel requesting an update to that video, so today I’m giving the people exactly what they want!  The Russell […]
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4 Stocks Bouncing Back With the Economy

Folks, markets move in two waves… horizontally and vertically. The four stocks I’m targeting today are all making horizontal movements, new highs or pulling back to their 50-day moving averages — and more in Thursday’s stock market recap.   The first stock I’ll discuss has been on an absolute tear and […]
stock market outlook 2021

Netflix Bombs Earnings and Our Market Outlook for the Rest of 2021

There’s only so much an investor can do to project how the rest of this year will look on Wall Street… Maybe that’s why WealthPress Senior Strategist Roger Scott and I spent the afternoon analyzing and discussing our stock market outlook for the rest of 2021. And from what we […]