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‘Retail Army’ GME Bulls Crushed Hedge Funds…This Stock Might Be Their Next Target

Unless you were unconscious yesterday, chances are you heard about the massive short squeeze on GameStop initiated by a ragtag bunch of Redditors. The audacious posts put forth by the “WallStreetBets” crowd were honestly a boatload of fun to watch last year while we were all at home in sweatpants. […]
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Stock Market Recap: Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021

Wall Street was tentative throughout while trading in tight ranges as investors braced for a number of high-profile earnings and the start of the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting — and more in Tuesday’s stock market recap.  The major indexes closed lower across the board with the Dow extending its […]
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5 Stocks That Could See a GameStop-Like Moon Shot

Everyone is talking about how GameStop, a perennially beaten-down video game retailer, has rocketed to the moon… and back… and to the moon again on a short squeeze.   Folks, it’s already been a wild week on Wall Street and we’re not even halfway done yet! Heck, even Tesla CEO Elon […]
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Don’t Get Burned: How to Be a Successful SPAC Trader

Over the weekend, I explained what I look for when investing in a SPAC, or special purpose acquisition company.  SPACs are fascinating companies — and opportunities —  to follow. And just like traditional investments, you need a strong SPAC trading strategy.  The idea, of course, is to buy low and […]

What Is the Tunnel Trader Strategy? Everything You Need to Know

This new strategy that helps you focus on what you’re doing in the stock market is destined to give you tunnel vision. “Tunnel trading” a visual guide that can help you trade the futures market and can be used on any futures symbol. But we specifically like to use it on the […]
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The Hidden Indicator Every Investor Needs to Know

To gain any real edge over the stock market, you have to look outside of the box and past the traditional approaches most traders use.  That’s why I want to talk about the hidden indicator that resulted in 2.5 times bigger profits than the S&P 500.  You see, if everyone […]