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3 Consumer Stocks Set To Jump as America Recovers

The economy has been on a wild ride the past year.  Gross domestic product (GDP) and Federal Reserve data look more like a rollercoaster you’d see at an amusement park than a meaningful trend. I mean, COVID-19 completely roiled the U.S. economy and fundamental growth. But there’s finally a light […]
is roblox still a buy

Roblox: Is the Latest IPO Darling Still a Buy?

Calling all traders and degenerates! Let’s talk about the hype surrounding online gaming platform Roblox, and whether it’s still a buy… This recent initial public offering (IPO) name just received analyst upgrades from pretty much every large investment bank out there. Now, before we address what this means moving forward, […]
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Play America’s Reopening With These 3 REITs

Bank of America gave an update on the Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, sector earlier this week…  The growth in office space will remain largely slow for the remainder of this year and possibly into next because people simply like working from home, according to analysts. And I must […]
best and worst performing etfs for April

Buy It or Burn It: Will the Nasdaq 100 Outperform the Russell 2000 in April…?

There are over 1,500 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to choose from in the stock market. With so much noise going on in the marketplace at once, it can be difficult for investors to discern the best and worst performing ETFs for April.  So I want to make things a little simpler […]
best and worst performing etfs for April

How To Beat Hedge Funds at Their Own Game By Squeezing Short Sellers

Short squeezes have been all the rage this year after what happened with GameStop. Some colleagues are referring to it as the short squeeze of the century.  And there’s no doubt about that. And because of it, many people want to know how to squeeze short sellers. I’m excited about […]

Introducing ‘The Jimmy’ and Where Gold is Headed Next

Today I want to share what I call “The Jimmy”. One of my favorite people in the world is Jim O’Rourke. He is great in every way and my earliest mentor in the business. He’s someone I’ve learned a tremendous amount from. I admire everything about this great man. A […]