Today I want to focus on a couple of things I look at during times like these… My 20 years trading have taught me a few valuable lessons I think could help you right about now.

You see, I’ve gone through times like this before: I traded through the tech bubble and the financial crisis.

Is this the exact same? No, there’s unique aspects to this crisis that I want to review.

But first, I want to remind everyone that this is a health crisis causing financial disruption. In order for it to become a financial crisis, these things need to occur.

I’m going to be honest with you though, the economy is going to crash -- hard. Things will feel rough for a short period of time, but then something magical will happen…

Wall Street will see its greatest trades ever…

P.S The most important work as a trader happens before the market opens.

That's when you should look at pre-market trading and develop a game plan for the day. It helps traders stay ahead of this crazy market... which is critical.

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