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stocks losing value in 2021

2 Stocks Losing Value in 2021— Including Churchill Capital

Did you know some stocks are losing their value every day? While this isn’t that much of a shock — considering how fickle the stock market is on any given day — it’s important for investors to keep an eye on these two stocks losing value in 2021. That way, you […]
Roaring Kitty GameStop testimony

I Call BS: Wall Street Makes Roaring Kitty a Scapegoat Despite Testimony

On Thursday, long-time GameStop supporter Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, delivered his testimony on the stock’s infamous short squeeze. The lawsuit against him claims he used his amateur online persona to illegally influence the direction of the stock market… with his legion of less than 1,000 followers and subscribers on […]
roaring kitty sued over gamestop

Roaring Kitty Sued Over GameStop Short Squeeze

It looks like we’re witnessing another classic case of Wall Street trying to put the underdogs back in their cages. Roaring Kitty is getting sued over the GameStop short squeeze that threw the stock market in chaos.  Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, was one of the loudest voices pushing the […]
stocks losing value in 2021

Bang, Buy, Bust: 2 NYSE Stocks to Watch in 2021… and a Trade I Lost

Traders, I think it’s time for another installment of Bang, Buy, Bust — and this one has me focusing on two NYSE stocks to watch in 2021 — and a Wall Street darling that early destroyed me! One of them is a name that’s newer than most stocks, and the […]
how to trade semiconductor chip shortage

How To Trade Semiconductor Stocks During a Chip Shortage

Hold on to your electronics, folks. We’re facing a semiconductor chip shortage. These tiny chips operate as the “brain” for a million different products — computers, cellphones, TVs, game consoles, vehicles… these little babies are everywhere. But with such a huge reliance on chips in this tech-heavy world, certain industries are […]
stocks on the rise in February Tesla call options how to trade in 2021 how to short a stock

2 Undervalued Stocks Set To Soar by March

January 2021 has already brought about an onslaught of unpredictable moments in the stock market — like the uncharacteristic surge in GameStop and AMC spurred on by thousands of reddit users. Since these short squeezes and rallies won’t be sustainable in the long run, I’ve been searching for some undervalued […]
stop-loss orders on options what to do when stocks go down Best Stock Under $10

Why Investors Shouldn’t Use Stop-Loss Orders When Trading Options

Proverbial Wall Street wisdom dictates that putting stop-loss orders on options is the best way to protect yourself when the stock market turns against you. Stop-loss orders are designed to buy or sell a security when the stock moves past a predetermined exit/entry price point. Once the stop-loss order is […]
how to trade options on Webull using market internals to trade FAANG stocks forecast 2021 Intel CEO stepping down

Trading Options on Webull: Should You Open An Account?

We think it’s safe to say that once this Robinhood fiasco is over, investors everywhere will be looking for an alternative trading platform. The biggest threat to Robinhood has always been Webull. With so much shady business surrounding the former app, it’s no wonder why investors are beginning to learn […]
how to trade semiconductor chip shortage

Webull vs. Robinhood: Which App Is Better?

Once upon a time, Robinhood was hailed for being so open and free, the first of its kind to provide options trading for beginning investors. Now the investment app is restricting the buying of shares on certain stocks and facing the first of many class-action lawsuits from furious investors. With Robinhood slowly […]