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Precision Profits is one of our oldest and most popular systems. With a win rate of 71.88% and a $2.97 profit for every $1 invested, this strategy is nothing short of spectacular. How does it work? I’m going to explain in simple details right now.

Precision Profits is a system that captures pullbacks in high velocity stocks. Only stocks in strong sectors are chosen and they must have strong relative strength. What does that mean? It means the stock has to show us positive growth over a 1 month, 3 month, or 6th month period.

The window to get into a position is narrow - often just a day or two - yet you can potentially earn profits in double and triple digits.

The goal is to find a stock that has temporarily retraced - we do this by using the adjusted 10 day RSI as well as Bollinger Bands.

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  • 124.57% in 14 days on TLT.
  • 103.17% in 15 days on Dell (DE).
  • 174.13% in 8 days on Time Warner Cable (TWC).
  • 142.4% in 11 days on NVidia (NVDA).
  • 224.75% in 10 days on Flour inc (FLR).
  • 96.76% in 21 days on Facebook (FB).
  • 203.96% in 16 days on Iron Mountain REIT (IRM).
  • 198.26% in 2 days on Amazon (AMZN).
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With the vast majority of these high velocity pullbacks - you’re in and out in LESS than two weeks with positions re-evaluated every 10 days. What’s great about these pullback trades is that since they are based on technical indicators, and relative strength, they can be traded both long and short - this means that you can make money in various market cycles.

Many of the great Titans of Wall Street owe their vast wealth to this phenomenon. Legendary investors like Paul Tudor Jones have used it to amass fortunes of $4.7 billion or more by using this same theory.

Whenever one of these investment “Unicorns” strike… we get returns of 174%... 224%... 316%... or even 339% in Blue Chip stocks - typically in less than 14 days.

One of our recent trade successes was in Paccar Inc. which is housed in the Industrial Sectors (XLI).

Paccar Inc. is in a strong sector (XLU - Utilities) and has shown strong relative strength over the last month, three months and six months. Paccar Inc is an American Fortune 500 company and is among the largest manufacturers of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles in the world - headquarter is in Bellevue, Washington.

We saw a pullback near the lower Bollinger Band on the 8th of March which triggered our entry in this “high velocity pullback” stock and we were able to take profits on the 12th of April when it reached the top of the Bollinger Band range.

There was a 42.5% increase on the option and a 5.43% increase on the stock.

Another one of our trades successes was in Welltower, Inc. (WELL). The stock is housed in the Real Estate sector (XLRE).

Welltower Inc., is a real estate investment trust that mostly invests in senior housing, assisted living and medical office buildings - headquarter is in Toledo, Ohio.

The Real Estate sector was extremely strong in March and Welltower has been pushing higher highs since January. We saw a pullback in the adjusted 10 day RSI and entered a long position in WELL on the 4th of March and exited the trade on March 11th when the 10 day RSI crossed above the 70 threshold level.

The option on WELL gained 53.49% while the stock gained 2.87%.

I’ve put together a video presentation for you that’ll dive into every single detail of this strategy. Follow the link here… What’s great about this strategy is that by using technical indicators we are able to maximize our gains (average return of 134% on the winners). Click here and I’ll share with you for free how the strategy works.

Roger Scott