I knew Rob Booker, Lance, and Josh were ballsy but… I didn’t think they would take it THIS far!
They're giving away their “New Money Monitor”... on CAMERA. I am at a loss for words.
This is the same system that Lance used to earn his followers 1,250% with one trade!

It’s one of the questions I get most often: “How do I grow a small account?”

This is something I have a bit of experience with — I originally started with a $2,500 account and was eventually able to turn it into an $8 million managed fund thanks to the success I had.

I definitely don’t say that to brag. In fact, I made a lot of expensive mistakes along the way.

But there is one trait I think you need to have to grow a small account into meaningful wealth, and that’s discipline.

I mean that in the general sense — getting rest, waking up early and living a healthy lifestyle — and in terms of trading.

The reality is that when I’m undisciplined I lose money. You can make great trades once in a while by “going with your,” but over the long-term it doesn’t work.

To consistently make money, I need to trade the same patterns… exit when I hit stop levels… and implementing correct money management.

That’s why I’m a systems trader — it removes emotions and ensures you trade in a disciplined manner as long as you follow its buy/sell signals.

Systems make it easier for you to be disciplined and therefore more profitable.

And if you’re looking for a strategy to help you grow an account aggressively, I want to point you to the Cyborg System.

My buddy Roger Scott just unveiled it this week, and is tailor-made for multiplying the size of your account. Even if you have a small one.

1.) It only trades the most explosive stocks in the market.

2.) The stocks it trades are super cheap, so no need for a large account.

3.) These stocks are not correlated to the market, so can work even in a bear market.

4.) Super easy to follow — you only need to trade once a week.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out his training here.

But just a heads up, that page is coming down soon.