I knew Rob Booker, Lance, and Josh were ballsy but… I didn’t think they would take it THIS far!
They're giving away their “New Money Monitor”... on CAMERA. I am at a loss for words.
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Markets gained momentum this morning after the Fed decided to ease rules restricting banks’ powers to invest in hedge funds and other similar areas that could ultimately help boost bank profits. 

That’s really positive for the market, and has caused investors to set their sights on companies that will continue to thrive once the pandemic is over. 

But heed this warning… 

The market rally might be too much, too fast, and too soon to be sustained from an unpredictable economic standpoint. 

In today’s video, I’m also covering the impact of economic data on the market, why I’m concerned about the S&P 500, and two hot momentum stocks on my radar. 

Tom Busby -- my close friend and a legendary fund trader -- has discovered a strange phenomenon that’s been causing hundreds of stocks to rise in value on the exact same day every single year… 

And while some of the most elite traders have all confirmed this information, none of them have been able to explain what is going on… 

Only Tom holds the key, and he plans on revealing everything. 

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