James West

James is a self-taught writer, investor, and armchair economist. He’s studied economics, history, literature, monetary policy, mining, agriculture, physics, programming, internet, filmmaking, and music. He is financed and runs multiple businesses.

James is irreverent, controversial and anti-establishment. He hates all government hypocrisy. He believes the markets are designed by the financial elite for the sole purpose of stealing everyone’s wealth. He believes governments are employed by the financial elite to steal everything in sight and send it up the food chain. He believes the Wall Street guys are whores.

James loves it when the little guy wins. He’s a huge fan of self-reliance, going off grid, hunting, fishing, and growing his own food. Last year, James bought a farm in southern Ontario, named Cardinal Farm. In addition to working on the grounds, he’s completely restoring the main home, originally built in 1910.


Dissecting IBM Earnings: What It Means For Your Portfolio

Disappointing earnings from technology leaders are to blame for the drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEXDJX: .DJI) today. Leading the disappointments is the missed revenue expectations from International Business Machines Corp.’s, aka IBM (NYSE: IBM). IBM’s stock price fell around 6.5% aftermarket. Their sales have now declined or remained stagnant for ten quarters […]

2021 Stock Market Trends To Follow

2020 was the year of COVID-19.  In this interview, we take you through the major stock market trends that you should follow throughout 2021. After the initial dropoff in the stock market due to the virus and the resulting struggle in economic outputs, prices rebounded and surged to record highs. […]

THIS Forgotten Sector is Dominating the Stock Market

We all know where the big moves in the stock market have been over the last year. Technology and Stay-at-home stocks have boomed to all-time high levels. Over that time, there’s a sector that many considered dead in the water. Now it is catching a bid and in a big […]

How a Democratic Senate Will Help Cannabis Stocks

Democrats have taken control of the U.S. Senate. This opens up a significant opportunity for significant political change. Could this be the start of full federal legality for marijuana and another boom in cannabis stocks? Several U.S. states decriminalized and legalized cannabis in the November elections, and with the Democrat win […]

Biggest Cannabis SPAC Deal of 2020

2020 is the year of the SPAC’s (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies commonly referred to as blank cheque companies). Participating in a SPAC deal allows companies to become publicly traded entities and raise capital. (Watch this video for clarification of what a SPAC is) Clever Leaves Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: CLVR) takes the […]

Eat Beyond: Is THIS the Future of Food?

Eat Beyond Global Holdings (CNSX: EATS) (OTCMKTS: EATBF) (FRA: 988) recently listed publicly and has had a dream start to trading life. Their stock price has shot up as high as 400% in just over a couple of weeks. CEO Patrick Morris, an experienced capital markets executive, joined Midas Letter to […]

HAVN Life: Is the Shroom Boom the Future of Mental Health?

HAVN Life Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:HAVLF) is a brand new public company with a mission to be the future of psychedelic medicine. The shroom boom is in full effect, so we sat down to talk about how HAVN is differentiating itself within this emerging space. Former Aphria Inc (NASDAQ:APHA) CEO, former Jamieson Wellness Inc (TSE:JWEL) CEO, and now HAVN Life […]

Stimulus Update: How Stock Market Will React

Yesterday we highlighted the massive Bazooka the Fed Fired at Markets. A $900 billion injection of cash into the economic system in the form of direct payment cheques, small business protection, unemployment benefits, and vaccine distribution. U.S. jobless claims jumped back to their highest level in three months and are trending […]

New Stock Market Reality: Buy Everything (in the USA)

People watching from the sidelines as the stock market smashes records on a daily basis are largely shocked and envious of those who have taken the plunge and seen their fortunes rise with the buoyant times. There is an increasing chorus of warning from institutional traders and financial talking heads […]