Josh Belanger

Joshua loves the markets and figuring out how to take money from it. His goal is to help ordinary Americans turn the tables on Wall St. and master the same secrets corporate traders and big banks use.

Unlike most traders, Joshua cut his teeth on the trading floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That’s where he discovered firsthand why the most successful traders are able to cash in on opportunities very few people ever see.

If Joshua’s name looks familiar, you may have read it on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, and The New York Post. He’s also been featured on various broadcasts, such as The Money Show, The Disciplined Investor, and Money Tree Radio.


Robinhood Stock About to SURGE

Finding a good Robinhood stock makes my trading week worthwhile… but the trade I spotted today is so impressive, it just made my month. According to my charts, this beloved Robinhood stock could surge higher very soon, potentially dominating the stock market by next Friday. If it does, this $500,000 […]

Another Black Swan Event?

I just saw something that Wall Street didn’t want me to… Ever heard of a black swan? It’s an event so rare and unpredictable that once it hits the markets, the consequences could be catastrophic for the economy… After looking at my charts and current market conditions, I have a […]

This Semiconductor Stock Has a Massive Bullish Move

To tell you the truth, money makers, there’s nothing I love more than a good bullish move — and there seems to be big money behind the one I’m looking at now. In fact, the semiconductor stock I’ve been watching like a hawk only needs to make a 15% move […]

Is GoPro the Next Takeover Target?

These next four minutes could be the answer to all your financial prayers… I’ve spotted a stock that I believe is going to be acquired in less than 18 days… for at least $7 per share. That’s why people are putting their money into GoPro right now… Over my 15 […]

How I Spotted a 666% Gain

You know the type of people I like the most? Talkers. The looser the lip, the fatter your wallet could become. You see, if you had listened to one of these tweets, you would be looking at an incredible gain overnight.  An under-the-radar stock had been showing signs of unusual […]

The Most Bang for Your Buck

For the past few weeks, I’ve been revealing some of the best strategies and stocks to help you guys ride out the current economic storm.  But this time, I’ve found something even better… … and it’s in the options market!  Here’s one of the best options trades you can make […]

Follow the “Big Money” Here

It’s an extremely interesting time to be a trader. We’re witnessing some of the sharpest (and most volatile) moves in history! But if you’re anything like me, you’re dying to know what the “big money” is playing this week… And more specifically, how you can get in on these trades […]

Gold Bugs Are Loving This Trade

The global economy is still unpredictable… currencies are wildly unstable… and it feels like it’s just a matter of time before our nice, little rally turns into another nosedive… which has me taking a serious look at good, old fashioned GOLD. In today’s video, I’m breaking down the gold trade I […]

NASDAQ Improves In AM But Shows Signs Of Reversal

I’m paying close attention to an interesting move in NASDAQ… We were on an upswing for the last couple days. Monday closed on a high. Tuesday made a new high, but NASDAQ sold off at the close, triggering a trend reversal and moving the index below Monday’s low. As I […]