Lance Ippolito

Lance is an ex-hedge fund trader who specializes in making large amounts of money in short periods of time. He’s aggressive. He doesn't even bother looking at trades that can't at least double his money.

Lance left the hedge fund world to have more free time and enjoy the money he makes trading. He trades to live, not lives to trade.

Lance is young and laid-back and it comes across in his videos. He’s very informal, very personable, and LOVES FISHING!

Future of Wealth Weekly Watchlist

Future of Wealth Weekly Watchlist for Sunday, May 16, 2021

The markets were nothing short of crazy this week. We’ve had inflation fears wreak havoc and crush stocks. Dow stocks were holding up one minute and tanking the next. We also saw a gas shortage on the East Coast that was absolutely insane. I even had to get a friend […]
Buying Put Options

How to Use Options in a Volatile Market

Buying put options is a great way to pocket gains when you expect a stock is going to move down. Just this past week my Weekly Blitz Alerts service capitalized on weakness in American Well Corp. (NYSE: AMWL). Thursday saw the stock’s second 8% drop this week. That helped our […]
Hedge Risk Exposure

Why You Can’t Be Fooled By Palantir’s 9% Bounce on Tuesday

If you’re new to trading, you’re used to those growth stocks just crushing it…  Names like Skillz Inc. (NYSE: SKLZ) were up over 200% just a couple of months ago, and now it seems like they can’t catch a bid no matter what the stock market does. Monday was not […]
Hedge Risk Exposure

With Tech Momentum Tanking, Is Cathie Wood’s Ark Sunk?

There’s something rotten on Wall Street, and I’m not talking about Elon Musk’s acting chops. Cathie Wood has been a red-hot, A-list star of high finance since the onset of the pandemic. But there’s been a mass sector rotation strategy going on, and Wood’s Ark is taking on a lot […]
Hedge Risk Exposure

Rule No. 1 in Risk Management: Don’t Be a Sucker

Thanks to the convenience of trading apps like Robinhood and Webull, and the massive media coverage of retail-driven short squeezes, there are more new traders than ever. In April, financial giant Charles Schwab said it opened 3.2 million accounts in the first quarter of 2021. That’s more new accounts in […]
Don’t Fall for the Dogecoin Hype Train

Bang, Buy, Bust: Don’t Fall for the Dogecoin Hype Train

I’m in the backyard enjoying the weather with some wine, and it’s time to play a favorite game of mine — Bang, Buy, Bust! For the uninitiated, this is where I pick three stocks: one to bang for quick profits, one to buy and hold, and one stock that’s a […]
Buying Put Options

How to Turn $50 Into $250 on Facebook — Overnight

Facebook reported earnings after Wednesday’s close… And absolutely murdered all expectations! The company beat earnings per share by about 40% and revenue expectations by $2.5 billion for the quarter.  Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) revenue was through the roof during the pandemic — growing 94% year over year to $26.2 billion […]
Future of Wealth Weekly Watchlist

MindMed’s Nasdaq Debut a Win for Alternative Medicine. Is It a Buy?

Alternative drug developer Mind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: MNMD) debuted on the Nasdaq on Tuesday following an incredible two-day run-up that saw the stock jump over 47%. MindMed is a biotechnology company focused on the clinical development of psychedelic-sourced drugs. This is a big win for the alternative pharmaceutical space after […]
Sector Rotation Strategy

How to Play Tesla — or Any — Earnings With Limited Risk

As I mentioned on Friday, earnings season and implied volatility (IV) is heating up. When IV picks up the way it does around earnings events, it offers traders the opportunity to take advantage of it if they know how. The catch is that with increased volatility comes more risk… But […]