Making money from stocks you expect to move higher or lower is pretty straight forward using options: Buy calls if you’re bullish and puts if you’re bearish. 

But what if you expect the stock to go nowhere? If you think it will be range-bound? Is there a way to make money in that situation?

Absolutely… if you know this strategy. 

It’s a high-probability strategy that can help you generate consistent income from stocks that are doing nothing. 

Here’s a tutorial on the strategy, plus a trade you can execute on Monday.

P.S Markets are expensive and stretched to the upside. 

So it's going to be a tough going for traditional investors and even most traders that focus on large-cap stocks.

But there's a solution... and it's why my good friend Roger Scott made his Cyborg symposium available again.

It's an aggressive strategy with the potential to double your entire portfolio over the next 12 months.