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Graham Lindman

Publisher, WealthPress

Graham was among the select few that founded WealthPress and put it on the map. Originally an Indiana native, he has devoted his life to the markets and has an insatiable hunger for the opportunity to trade in the open markets and make money. He loves numbers, calculated risks, and anything that provides a competitive advantage in the world of finance. Today, he serves as the Publisher of WealthPress, where he prides the company’s success on the quality of the trading experts and programs he has helped develop over the years.

He started trading futures with his own money when he was a mere 16 years old. Graham’s love for the markets dates back to his childhood, immersed within his family and upbringing. Sadly, like most of America back in the 2008 crash, Graham’s parents ended up losing a significant chunk of their retirement savings. Because of that, they went on a search to find the best traders in the world…which led them to the very trading experts Graham now works with daily.

He is a firm believer that anyone who actively trades has to believe that there IS an edge to gain in the markets… and if you find that edge, you can go beyond “beating the S&P” and dominate the growth in your own portfolio. His motto hasn’t wavered since he started trading all those years ago, “Things move fast…you have to be able to recognize patterns, take risks, and be able to adapt faster than anyone else.”

Fun fact: Graham was first introduced to trading in the markets back in 9th grade during an IPO project in economics class….within the 60-seconds of the opening bell, he bought out the entire company grabbing sole ownership of the Freshman class. Unfortunately, his teacher did not believe in capitalism and the open markets and diluted his shares by doubling the FLOAT so that other students could participate in the learning experience. He has been hooked on trading ever since.

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Francisco Bermea

Editorial Director, WealthPress

Francisco Bermea is the Editorial Director of WealthPress. He oversees our editorial team, publications and works directly with our trading experts to deliver timely and in-depth research to hundreds of thousands of individual investors.

He joined WealthPress in 2018 with a background in economics, analyzing businesses and technical analysis. And for over a decade, Francisco has worked with some of the best investors and traders in the world to produce high-quality, actionable and independent research.

Now he’s teamed up with the experts at WealthPress to deliver market-beating strategies for investors that want to take control of their financial future. Regardless of what the market is doing… or the type of investor you are, Francisco’s job is to make sure there’s something for you here at WealthPress.

Dror Lewy - Compliance Attorney

Dror Lewy

General Counsel, WealthPress

Business-minded corporate and compliance counsel heading the Wealth Press Legal Department. Mr. Lewy has almost 20 years as a practicing attorney with an emphasis on legal, regulatory, and overall business compliance. In addition to his JD, he also has an MBA with an interest in general management. He is very passionate about the “business of business” and loves to share his knowledge with his clients, colleagues, and friends.  Mr. Lewy has dedicated his career to protecting and promoting his clients’ interests, especially in the area of regulated industries.

Meet Our Experts

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Roger Scott

Roger Scott has over 25 years of experience trading everything from corn futures to stock options and ETFs. He ran his first fund with two Ivy League economists — both of whom have been advisors to the White House during multiple presidencies. Later, he ran a fund with one of Richard “Prince of the Pit” Dennis’ original “Trading Turtles.”

Roger became a trader right after finishing law school. He used $5,000 from a car insurance payout to fund his first trading account

In 2008, Roger started his first trading education and advisory company. He’s been featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Fox Business.

Roger spends his free time with his wife, two daughters, one son, three dogs, three cats, a lizard, and recently adopted fish.

Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito specializes in trading institutional order flow, also known as unusual options activity, and catalyst-based events, like earnings announcements. He has hosted trading rooms for the last 7 years focusing on trader education and mentorship.

Lance has developed custom trading strategies and indicators for ThinkOrSwim, TradingView, and Tradestation. When Lance is not following the markets, he loves to spend his time enjoying the Florida outdoors by fishing, boating, wakeboarding, and gardening.


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Jeff Zananiri

Jeff is from New York and spent two decades on Wall Street learning how the best traders in the world stacked consistent, big profits. He mastered his trading techniques at Pan Capital, where he turned $5.1 million in seed money into more than $700 million. He went an entire decade without a losing quarter.

Jeff also worked on all sides of Wall Street. His investment banking career began when he worked with Bear Stearns founder Alan “Ace” Greenburg, where he was one of Alan’s “PSD’s” — employees who were poor, smart and desirous of wealth.


Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes, also known as The Trophy Trader, is a 10-time trading champion and the top award winner in Trading Champion history. Starting with just $4,600, Chuck made over $460,000 in actual profits in his first two years of trading, using a simple system that he designed himself.

Proving itself year after year, Chuck’s continues to profit from his strategy, making $3.5 million in the last 7 years alone. Also a published author, Chuck continues to actively trade and enjoys helping members use his system alongside him.


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