If you're an aggressive trader looking to make triple-digit returns... but don't want to deal with current market uncertainty, you need to get the details of this strategy now.

Markets are moving historically fast right now, which means you need to be even faster and have a concrete edge.

That's what the data Lance is able to tap into provides, a massive advantage over other traders. And because the moves generally happen quickly, you can reduce your risk by being in the market less time.

Today I’m going to show you my favorite strategy for today’s choppy market. 

It’s an income strategy that lets me pull 25%-plus from the market regularly… even when stocks go nowhere. It’s perfect for this market… in fact, the more volatile it gets, the more money we can make.

Over the past 11 weeks, this strategy has delivered 14 winners and only 1 loser

That’s an impressive result regardless of market conditions. But it’s incredible when you consider what stocks have done during that time:

Not only is the market down 3.5% during the win streak, but it was an especially volatile market.

And it’s not only traders that can benefit from my income strategy. 

If you’re an investor that depends on dividends from stocks or interest from bonds, well, I’m sorry. I know how tough it is out there. The S&P 500 pays 1.85%… 10 Year Treasurys dishes out 1.5%… and even junk bonds, which used to pay double-digits, are only throwing off 5.3%.

Those dividends and interest payouts are over an entire year… so you’d need to have a multi-million dollar account for those returns to amount to anything.

My Income Strategy, on the other hand, pays out weekly income of 25%-plus. And as I mentioned above, it has an incredible 93% win-rate over the past 60-plus days. 

Here are some recent payouts we’ve collected:



Payout Date






















You probably now understand why I love this strategy… who couldn’t use an extra few thousand dollars a month?

This isn’t your typical trading strategy though. In fact, I’d bet it’s completely different from any you’ve used.

For example, this strategy pays you upfront. As soon as you execute the trade, the money will be in your trading account. 

It also targets stocks expected to move very little while we’re in the trade…

While most of my strategies are directional — as in they make money if the stock goes in the direction you expect it to — this one is completely market neutral. In fact, we want the stock to stay within a certain price range, that’s how we get to keep 100% of the income that’s generated when the trade is initiated. 

.Of course, I have a system for picking which stocks are least likely to make a large move

There’s other considerations too, like implied volatility. That’s because this is an options strategy… and implied volatility is one of the main drivers of options prices. 

All else equal, you want to use this strategy on stocks with relatively high implied volatility. That ensures bigger income payouts when we sell the options and lets us profit as volatility reverts back to its historic averages. 

If that sounds confusing, or if the fact that it’s an options strategy intimidates, don’t let it. Even if you’ve never traded options before, it’s worth learning about them just for this strategy. 

My income strategy has a built-in edge on every single trade you make… it allows you to generate large amounts of income relative to the amount of risk you assume. It’s perfect for large or small account sizes… because each trade requires little capital. 

This strategy really does work in any market environment… but it’s especially useful when markets are range-bound like they are now. When markets can’t pick a direction, that’s when most traders lose money… not with this strategy.

There’s a lot more to be said about my income strategy, so I put together a quick training session

If you’re tired of this stressful, choppy market, and want to start trading like the “smart money,” I urge you to watch it now.

Roger Scott