President Trump's longtime friend & adviser, Roger Stone is a free man!
Just days before he was scheduled to report to prison for a 3 year sentence... Trump intervened and commuted his sentence.
But hurry — there's no telling if the establishment will try to silence him again!

There’s just no denying that markets are at a critical pivot point… 

And I’m expecting stocks to transition away from “bull mode” they’re in right now into a more choppy, range-bound cycle. 

Folks, It’s bound to happen… 

Just about every indicator that I trust and use in my own trading is signaling that eventuality. 

Today I’ll show you the best way to take advantage of this market type. And it’s trickier to trade than you might think…  

The Put/Call Ratio is signaling that traders are a little too exuberant -- especially when you consider that 85% of Nasdaq stocks are trading above their 200-day moving average. 

That’s not a spot many rallies start from, which is why I expect the next 197 days or so to be critical.

Things are about to change. And to prepare myself -- and you if you want the details -- I’ve put together a new comprehensive report called Diamond Roadmap. 

It takes you through how I see the next few months playing out and how to take advantage