Invisible Stocks!

Weird "Sonar Signal" Reveals Which Stocks Wall Street Is Backing...
Before They Pop!

464% in ACLS... 627% in HEES... 2,812% in NHTC…

I Need To Show You An Unusual Market Phenomenon

It causes individual stocks to pop as much as 2,812%... seemingly out of the blue.

And, when you know how to spot the “sonar signal...”

You can get in on these moonshot trades before they happen.

When it fired for Quorum Health (QHC) we got a 60% blast in 7 weeks.

That’s a $600 profit on every $1,000.

When it pinged for Sirius XM (SIRI) the stock soared 87% in 11 months.

That’s a $870 profit on every $1,000.

When it pinged for Oneok inc (OKE) we saw a 114% pop in 10 months.

That’s a $1,140 profit on every $1,000.

You see...

When Wall Street Bets BIG - They Do It In Secret…

Every trading day, they move $16.5 billion of invisible stocks. The transactions are concealed in shadowy “Dark Pools”. The orders never appear on any exchange.

Giant block trades slip by on these private networks, totally under the radar…

And right before major - explosive stock moves.

CBS has called the Dark Pool phenomenon “dangerous.”

Business Insider reports it’s overtaken regular “lit market” trading.

AND - while the U.S. Justice Department IS actively investigating…

These secret exchanges are still 100% legal everywhere on Earth. Recently, financial insiders used them to take a secret position in Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF).

The stock rocketed from $3.22 to $8.09 in under two months.

That’s a 151% pop that you never heard about.

BUT - if you had received advanced notice…

And if you’d invested a mere $1,000…

You’d have earned $1,510 in 8 weeks!

On another occasion, traders in the dark market decided to torpedo Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX).

If You Spotted The Hidden Signal,
You Could Have Legally “Front Run” Wall Street

Starting in August 2015 - millions of shares traded in the Dark Pools.

Over the next 8 months Valeant’s stock price plunged from $260 per share all the way down to $28.98. That’s an 88% drop. It destroyed BILLIONS in market cap.

AGAIN - if you’d been warned early enough…

You would have avoided the plunge…

You might even have gone short...

Earning $880 on every $1,000!

All that in only 8 months!

We’ve also had trades like this one for Papa John’s (PZZA).

The stock was trading at $23.90. But - but exploded all the way up to $88.70 per share.

That’s a 271% gain.

If you got the signal - you’d be looking at $2,710 in profit on every $1,000.

Or this one…

When “dark pool” trading that kicked off for Axcelis Technologies (ACLS). ​Activity exploded out of the blue… ​

Right before a 464.72% pop.

And here’s another example… 

Hidden money poured into National Health Trends Corp (NHTC). ​

This time the stock shot up an incredible 2,812% in just two years.

If you’d seen the alert… and if you’d invested just $10,000…

You’d be up a whopping $281,200!​

Obviously this Dark Pool phenomenon is powerful.

The Question Is HOW Do You Get
Advance Notice
Before It Strikes? 

Unfortunately - up until now it was impossible.

Invisible stocks traded in total secrecy.

In just a moment I’ll show you precisely HOW it works. First, let me introduce myself.

I’m a 20-year veteran of the financial markets.

In 1998, I started my first hedge fund with $20 million in investor capital. When I closed up shop after 10 years, that initial investment had grown 37-fold to $740 million.

Today I’m going to share one of my most powerful inventions.

It’s called…

Dark Pool Sonar

Very few investors know how to spot this pattern. When the signal fires - it reveals exactly which stocks Wall Street is backing in secret.

First - you get a sharp *PING* on the chart.

You can see it right there on Concho Resources (CXO).

When that spike appears I know Wall Street is moving heavy inventory.

Millions of shares are changing hands under the cloak of darkness.

If you can spot it - you’ve got an incredible opportunity.

Because when Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan buys a stock…

They don’t do it all at once like you or me.

When you’re buying millions of shares…

You’re forced to stagger your purchases over weeks or months.

That creates a sustained wave of buying pressure.

Within 4 months of the sonar ping Concho popped 52%.

Every $1,000 you invested would have paid $520.

That’s why - if the sonar pings - you know its time to buy in.

It predicted a 98% leap in United States Steel Corp (X) in seven weeks.

That’s a $980 profit on every $1,000.

It called a 122% explosion in Cloud Peak Energy (CLD) in three months.

That’s a $1,220 profit on every $1,000.

It fired before a 167% run up in AK Steel Holdings (AKS) in sixteen weeks.

That’s a $1,670 profit on every $1,000.

Wall Street Tries To Hide Their
Trades In The Dark Pools…
But We Can Spot Them!

When you know what to look for…

It’s EASY to spot these situations BEFORE they play out in the market.

Before today there was no way for you to do that.

Now I’m inviting you to discover how.

To do that I’ve created a program called…

Dark Pool Trader

Today - for a VERY limited time - I’m giving away copies practically for FREE.

Inside you’ll secure access to Six Video Training Modules lasting 75 minutes in total.

These videos cover the entire Dark Pool Trader strategy. With them you’ll know the precise three step process for finding explosive trading opportunities like:

151% in Cliff’s Natural Resources (CLF)

464% in Axcelis Technologies (ACLS)

227% in Brink’s Company (BCO)


271% in Papa John’s Pizza (PCO)

With the program you’ll get…

  1. The Real King Kong Of The Market 

    I reveal how and why Wall Street’s Big Money traders dominate… and the trick to legally front running their trades for explosive profit.

  2. What Wall Street Isn’t Telling You 

    You’ll discover the Goldman Sachs “capital flow” secret I only learned by managing several hundred million dollars of client money.

  3. Big Money “Fingerprints”

    When institutional money begins to flow… it’s time to buy. I’ll show you how the three steps to spot and confirm a trade when Wall Street plows in.

  4. The “Double Wave” Effect

    We’re looking to buy between TWO waves of buying… an initial ripple, followed by a massive tsunami. This trick ensures you time it perfectly.

  5. Supercharge Your Profits

    I’ll give you 5 Green Light Tests to minimize losers… maximize winners… increase accuracy… and blast your profits into the stratosphere!

And last but not least…

  1. The Final Pieces Of The Puzzle 

    You’ll avoid the ONLY Dark Pool scenario that never works… eliminate “Black Monday” risk to your portfolio… and calculate your profit factor.

I’m sure you’ll agree…

This Is The Full Package

I’m giving you everything you need to capitalize on the Dark Pool phenomenon.

You’ll spot the trades. You’ll execute them perfectly.

Most importantly - you’ll capture profits like:

262% in Sonic Corp (SONC)

377% in Aspen Technologies (AZPN)

448% in National Beverage Corp (FIZZ)

And even…

2,812% in National Health Trends Corp (NHTC)

Think about what that would mean. Financial concerns would vanish. You’d get to live the life you want - with the house and toys you want - anywhere you want

It’s the definition of financial freedom.

Just listen to what some of my students have to say…

Kirby Pascus says he’s experienced “nothing but huge steady profits.”

Vasugie Anandaraj wrote…

“There are no words to explain how much joy I am having all because of you.”

Andrew Blodgett says…

“You guys are by far my favorite!”

So… How Do You Get Access Today? 

The information in Dark Pool Trader is incredibly valuable.

It could genuinely change your life forever.

That’s why it normally retails for $197.


If you take immediate action today…

You won’t even pay half of that.

It won’t cost you $100… or $50… or even $20.

You’ll get your copy of Dark Pool Trader for a one time fee of

just $7

If that sounds fair…

Click “join now” to secure instant access.

Join Now

When you do - you’ll be protected by our…

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

You’ll have a full 30 days to review Dark Pool Trader.

You can watch all six video training modules.

You’ll even have plenty of time to put it to work in the market.

If you’re not perfectly satisfied with your experience for any reason…

We will refund your full price of purchase with no questions asked.

Click “join now” to get instant access today.

This special - limited time - offer will not be available for long.

We really do sell Dark Pool Trader for $197.

We really will sell at for that price again.

So if you want to get in at a 95%+ discount…

Click “join now” to guarantee your incredible deal.

Hopefully I’ll see you in the members area.

Join Now

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