My Trading Apprentice Just “Forced My Hand” Into Helping You Get Wealthy Much Quicker

This 3 Step Formula Will Compress The Total
Gains from The Last Decade In To 197 Days


From: Roger Scott

Within the next few minutes, you're going to know exactly how to earn up to $17,756 in just a couple weeks.

I am not "blowing smoke" at you. What you're about to read has never been shared outside of my personal friend group…

But before I show how you could earn raging profits, we need to take a step back and look at what's already happened.

During the last 10 years we’ve witnessed the greatest stock market run of all time.

From the bottom of the 2008 Great Recession to now the S&P 500 has earned a whopping 364.5% …

Traders were able to earn millions of dollars and score huge wins like clockwork…

Take billionaire hedge fund trader, John Paulson, for example.

Most people know him from his “big short” on the housing market, resulting in a $4 billion gain…

But what a lot of people don’t realize, is that in 2010 he topped that with a $5 billion year from the bullish market.

Trading over the past decade was easier than ever.

But right now, we’re heading into a 197 day market overdrive period that could recapture the last 10 years of profits all in a few months.

It’s the “blow off” period before the final bubble where things get crazy...

Even right now we’re seeing headlines like…


If you bought into the fear mongers this past summer
you missed out on record-setting profits

In January of last year, I warned as many people as possible that the fear pundits were dead wrong…

I stood up to the critics and called the late 2018 dump the “Mother of All Pullbacks” predicting the best buying opportunity of the decade…

And since then the S&P has earned over 29.7%.

The specific strategy I recommended to use on the Mother of All Pullbacks generated almost 200% in 5 weeks!

Where are we now? Still making all-time highs.

Even though we’re still in the middle of a potential trade war between the U.S. and China...

Even with downgraded revenue projections coming out weekly…

And even with the scary reality of the coronavirus impact happening right now…

The markets continue to push all-time highs almost every single day.

And I’ve Been Alerted to a 197 Day Profit Window

You’re left with a handful of choices…

Choice #1:

Trust the Critics and Short the Market

One of the more prominent assumptions right now among retail traders is to short the market.

When the markets are moving higher 82% of the time, shorting is a one way ticket to bankruptcy.

Shorts are getting burned at a rate higher than ever.

You might get lucky and profit on a short when negative news comes from China… just to lose it all when Trump tweets later that night.

Choice #2:

Sit On The Sidelines and Wait

While you might believe this is the “safest” choice, it’s also the most costly… Let me explain...

Over the last 5 years, we’ve seen an uptrend in inflation rates.

So while you might feel good about keeping your money “safe”, you’re actually paying a premium to do so.

... a premium of around 1.8% to put a number on it.

But paying a fee to keep your money on the sidelines is only part of the issue… The real problem is you're not MAKING money.

If you put money in the S&P exactly ten years ago, you would have made 364.5% on your money…

Even some of the best paying bonds wouldn’t have earned you 50%.

Choice #3:

Join The Bulls And Ride The S&P

Thus far, this is the most reasonable choice… but it’s still not the best route.

In just a few minutes, I’ll show you why the 10% average annual return on the stock market since the ‘08 recession is laughable…

And why investing in just the index is cutting yourself short… hundreds of thousands of dollars short.

With my blueprint you could make 18.5X the projected S&P return… within the next 197 days.

Let me tell you a story…

One of my trading proteges, Josh, had a tremendous year in 2019…

He followed my principles day in and day out and more than doubled his account in a few months.

I watched him trade, and witnessed dozens of triple digit winners.

Talk about being on a market buzz... Imagine taking $10,000 and turning it into over $20,000 in just a couple of months…

You’d think you’re invincible… and so did he.

I began letting him trade more on his own.

But as Josh made more money, our communication became less frequent…

Until a few months ago when he messaged me.

“Hey Roger, hope you’re doing alright... I was wondering if you’d take a minute to look at my recent trades”

My assumptions were correct.

He got caught in the same whirlwind that thousands of traders found themselves in 2019 - he lost all of his gains, and then some.

Over the next few days I re-shaped Josh’s entire plan.

I reminded him that the key to outsized results is a simple combination of the right strategies at the right time.

Then I REALLY spoon fed him. I gave him the exact blueprint I’m handing off to you today…

Which strategies to use for each of the market phases I was forecasting over the next few months.

I showed him all of my research and explained why now is the best time since mid 2009 to be trading.

And then to gauge his expectations, I asked him something one of my mentors once asked me...

I said, “I want you to tell me an unrealistic 3 month goal you have”

Josh replied, “Well… I doubt this is attainable, but within 3 months I’d LOVE to double my account”

That’s virtually impossible for 99.7% of traders…

Put yourself in Josh’s shoes… what would you say?

What’s your unreasonable goal?

If you’re trading the S&P, you’re happy to get a 6% annual return.

That’s 1.5% over 3 months.

Think about this for a second:

Most investors have never seen even a 10% return over 3 months.

But let me be bold and honest with you for a second…

A 10% return in 3 months is a joke.

For the average investor, it would be a historical run. Again, most expect to make less than that in a year.

But over the next 197 days, it would be missing out on a tsunami of potential based on what my roadmap is forecasting…

The best part? The phases I expect to see over the next 197 days fall PERFECTLY into 3 specific strategies poised to dominate each phase.

When I told people about the Mother of All Pullbacks lots of people believed I was right…

Few took action.

Fewer still used the specific strategy I outlined for taking advantage of the market phase…

Gains most people have never even imagined making in a year were produced in a tiny fraction of the time.


Exactly what I told Josh:

The right strategy at the right time.

I believe this next series of market phases will dwarf what my team did during The Mother of All Pullbacks.

I know that, again, many readers will believe that I’ve called it again.

And I know that few will do anything about it and miss yet another opportunity to change their life…

But for those that will, I’ve created a 197 Day Roadmap to completely change their financial situation.

I call it …

In short, it combines the next few phases with strategies that are built to FEAST on each one:

  • A way to catch the biggest stock spikes before they happen
  • An automated tool to follow institutional investment capital
  • A proprietary alert to trigger profits when there’s a correction

In just a minute, I’m going to share every detail that I gave Josh…

But first… let me finish the story...

Josh and I kicked the Diamond Roadmap into action.

The combination of strategies began working right away.

Remember that unrealistic goal of 100% in 3 months?

Within 29 days, the Diamond Roadmap surpassed a 103.98% return...

That means in just 29 days…

$1,000 becomes $2,039

$5,000 becomes $10,199

$10,000 becomes $20,398

That’s a down payment for a house … in less than a month.

While the Diamond Roadmap more than doubled, this is what the S&P 500 did…

A measly 0.6% return.

So as they say - have it your way…

Join the herd and make $6 in a month or grab the bull by the horns and profit $1,039.

How on earth did I predict and execute on outperforming the S&P 173X over?


We need to spot explosive stocks BEFORE they move

Over 25 years, I've analyzed 9,527 factors with the sole purpose of determining what set of factors alert me to explosive moves BEFORE they occur

I needed to find the stocks that are most likely to return explosive gains even with the market chaos...

After running hundreds of tests, using up thousands of gigabytes of data, I nailed it down to 10 elite factors…

If you find ALL 10 of these factors, you know Wall Street is poised to rush in.

Every week, my system generates the four best stocks in the S&P 500.

It’s only been open to WealthPress members since May of this year.

And while the S&P is earning 6% annually, we’ve locked in massive profits from real issued trades like:

This is NOT a backtest. These are actual issued trades sent out to our members…

And our users have, no surprise, raved about my First Strike weekly stock and options picks.

And it doesn’t take a trading warrior to participate in these gains…

Here’s how simple it is:

Every Sunday night, I send you four picks to add to your portfolio, locking in profits from the previous weeks and initiating new fire-proof trades.

Here’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to be glued to your computer … On Sunday OR Monday, simply place your trades sometime within that 24 hour window and you’re all set for the week.

The First Strike Portfolio is the #1 way to blow the coming S&P index gains out of the water...


We need an automated way to trace Institutional Buying

Forget large cap stocks for a second. Toss the S&P out of your mind.

Even when Apple, Amazon, Facebook and the market-moving stocks are flat, there are enormous moves on small stocks.

Why? Because a $1 billion investment on a stock with a market cap of $10 billion might move the stock 5-10% in a short period…

But when there’s a $1 billion investment on a $1 billion market cap stock, you can see massive triple digit gains in days…

Just like I was able to point out to Josh right before SMSI jumped 89.4% in just 21 days.

I call it Equity Quarantine which ranks small stocks based on:

  • Price to Book Ratio
  • Price to Earnings Ratio
  • Increasing Earnings Per Share
  • Earnings Revisions

Spotting Equity Quarantine is one of the most boring things in the entire world… that’s why I automated the whole thing:

It’s the intellectual machine that combines the Equity Quarantine, Keystone Clustering, and Profit Rotations.

I had institutions wanting to buy my proprietary formula from me…

After seeing the ability it has to 10X an account in less than 15 months, it attracted all kinds of attention.

It was simply making too much money… and they wanted it for themselves.

But I needed this piece for my Diamond Roadmap.

You see, even when the broad markets go sideways, we’re still able to generate large sums of weekly income.

Institutions are always investing in something - it’s their job.

So I created the Automated Millionaire system to track just that, and alert me when big money is going into a small stock.

That’s how the formula was able to take $10,000 and turn it into $477,695.

And my favorite part is with the Profit Rotations factor it lets me know exactly when to take my profits on my positions…

There’s no confusion, no emotion - just placing an order one day, and exiting when it signals.

It’s the whole crux of the system and how it’s predicted returns like these:

And it’s how you would have nearly quadrupled your entire account in less than 3 years… all without using leverage or margin.

These are simple, low risk stock trades.

And again, you only have to update your positions one time per week within that Sunday-Monday 24 hour window.

We’re taking 5 minutes of trading time per week.

I want this plan to be easy as cake for you…

Because with these two trading strategies, you can “have your cake and eat it too.”


We need a proprietary alert to profit in case of a future downturn

This is the most valuable piece of the Diamond Roadmap.

It’s my “golden nugget” that I’ve kept stashed away for decades…

Only a handful of my closest friends and traders have ever seen it.

When I sat down with Josh, I knew I had to pull this old trick out of the hat.

With uncertainty at hand, this “golden nugget” is the #1 way to multiply an account even if the markets completely dump.

Using my proprietary alert, I’m able to constantly earn on my portfolio by rotating into four simple assets:

And while these tickers might look boring… my proprietary alert have resulted in a $1,742,382 gain over the last 8 years… without even touching leverage or margin.

I am talking about almost $2 MILLION dollars in earnings - just on this one piece of the roadmap - without ever touching a risky option or any kind of leverage whatsoever.

Imagine a bi-weekly additional stream of income… even when the markets are falling… with payouts like:

I call this monster…

And like I stated earlier… it’s not available anywhere else.

And there’s no way I’m opening this to the public…

...until today - for whatever time remains on the clock below:

Let me be very clear…

I would be doing you a disservice if I gave you these three systems, and let you go on your way.

While all three are extremely powerful and have the potential to make any other investment look “laughable” … you will be lost without a key.

What good is it to give you the three best trading systems for this 197 day profit window, but not show you when to utilize them?

That’s why today I’m doing something I have never done before.

You see this pocketbook I’m holding?

That’s where I’ve stored the details of the Roadmap itself.

Without it, you have 3 systems easily worth $25,000.

With it, you have the ability to unlock wealth in the quickest way ever forecasted in my entire career.

It’s necessary to help you succeed with the Diamond Roadmap

That’s why I’m giving you the Diamond Roadmap Itself!

It’s an easy to read 15+ page report outlining exactly how to utilize each system for each market condition.

If you follow what I’ve laid out, you could very well have the potential to double your account within 29 trading days.

More importantly, over the next 197 days, I believe we’ll replicate what the market has taken over a decade to create during its most aggressive bull run in history.

Today, the roadmap I value at $100,000 is included with the strategies you’ll need to trade it.

Now is your only chance to claim this gift…
When this timer hits zero, this page will disappear!

This is a timely situation.

The first Roadmap trades will be issued Sunday @ 4:00 PM ET

The timer isn’t there to pressure you, but I do need to be clear about the situation:

Either you’re in or you’re out and I won’t apologize for being direct about this opportunity.

Here’s what you’re getting immediate access to when you say yes.

  • Four Weekly Trade Alerts That Have Historically Returned 585.9%... 785.7%... Even 1,485.7% In As Little As 5 Days
  • You’ll Get My 8-Module Training On How To Score Triple Digit Gains With S&P 500 Stocks And Options
  • I’ll Unlock My Top Course On Options Trading - How You Can Spot The Best Options Via The Greeks

Verified Retail Price: $5,000

  • 52 weekly rotations, with four low-priced stocks likely to trap institutional capital and generate more winners like 70.6%, 90.5%, 135.3%... all within a matter of days
  • Monthly “Retrospective” - this is exactly what I put in my pocketbook every month… what went right, what went wrong, and how to adapt
  • Profit Rotations Daily Coaching - it’s crucial to know which stocks to hold for an extended period of time and which to take profits on

Verified Retail Price: $5,000

  • Bi-weekly Profit Trends Alerts from my proprietary market timing formula… the same alerts which have given us payouts of $3,166.25, $6,887.25, even $24,214.01
  • Step by step video tutorial of Why Traders Lose - I’ve mapped out every detail of what factors make a winning trader and a losing trader
  • Complete access to my hidden ETF Model Trade Tracker - you’ll be able to see every trade Profit Trends Alerts has spotted over the last 8 years

Verified Retail Price: $10,000

This is not available to the public, nor will it be available at this price ever again.
  • Access to my most powerful trading notes and strategies taken straight out of my own personal pocketbook
  • Secrets and hidden tactics accumulated from my 25 years of experience
  • Complete 15+ page manual on how to best utilize each of the elite trading systems depending on the market condition

Verified Retail Price: $100,000

  • You’ll be invited to my private monthly market update call where I go live offering my market outlook and answering your questions - this is like having me as a personal coach
  • Access to my Members Hotline where you can reach out and have your questions answered any day of the trading week
  • Guaranteed ticket to my exclusive annual VIP Summit - a two day live in-person event for my best traders (recorded for those that cannot attend)

Verified Retail Price: $10,000

It all comes with my 2-Tier Guarantee

Guarantee Part #1

Within the next 197 days, I guarantee to issue...

  • At least 2 trades with 100% gains
  • At least 5 trades with 50% gains
  • At least 10 trades with 25% gains

**If you’re doing the math, those compounded winners would be 2,828%

If We Don’t Hit This Incredible Benchmark - We’ll Give You Any WealthPress Program of Your Choice For Free - No Questions Asked

Guarantee Part #2

When I laid out the Diamond Roadmap with Josh, it reached gains of 103.98% in just 29 days…
But I want you to be confident that these gains are consistent and not a one-time fluke…

So here’s the deal:

For any month that the Diamond Roadmap does not achieve 100% or greater, I will add an additional month to your access.

If we gain 80% or 30% or 99%, you get an additional month free. Period. I promise you won’t find a guarantee this strong anywhere else.

The total Verified Retail Value of The Diamond
Blueprint is $130,000…

But you know I am not asking you to mortgage your house to be part of this…

In just a moment, I am going to show you how to get in for what I truly believe is a ridiculous price.

But, like I said before…

I know that even with a no-brainer price, very few will take action.

Most will miss out on this run just like they did last time…

But before I reveal just how ridiculous this opportunity to get in is, I want to explain something else:

One of my favorite things about the Diamond Roadmap is that, while it’s poised for the most explosive returns I have ever seen over the next 197 days, it goes well beyond that.

Our 3 principles are the best combination for the next 5 years. 10 years. And beyond.

  • A way to catch the biggest stock spikes before they happen
  • An automated tool to follow institutional investment capital
  • A proprietary alert to trigger profits when there’s a correction

Trust me, this combination won’t go out of style…

In fact, it’s what will turn a massive gain in 197 days into true wealth in 10 years.

So, in just a moment, you won’t just see an opportunity to take advantage of the roadmap for the next 197 days…

You’ll have an incredible opportunity to leverage this system for LIFE.

Again, this is all about getting the right group of people in before the biggest opportunity slips away...

It’s for the “few” I mentioned earlier who would actually do something with an opportunity right in front of them…

So here’s my crazy, no-brainer offer so you have NO excuse not to say yes before the timer hits 00:00:00


The Diamond Roadmap is worth $130,000.

My crazy, no-brainer offer:

Before the timer hits 0, I am giving 99% OFF to Founding Members of the Diamond Roadmap…

You can get access to the complete roadmap for the next 197 days for just $1,300.

That’s all 3 incredible systems… the complete roadmap… and the 2 tier guarantee that could compound for 2,828%

Enough to turn every $1,000 into $282,889.

For just $1,300.

I can promise you:
You will never see this trading mechanism at this price ever again.

By clicking the orange button below that says “Yes, Give Me the Roadmap” you will see a special access form show up below the button.

And, as long as you fill out the form before the timer hits 0, you’ll get immediate access to the Diamond Roadmap and our 3 powerful strategy alert programs.

But I want to go a step further.

Like I said, this isn’t just a plan for the next 197 days…

This is a powerful synergy solution built to pay out incredible returns for life.

So when you click the orange “Yes, Give Me the Roadmap” button just below, you’ll also have an option to secure the complete system for life.

And you can do that at an even greater discount.

That’s it. I’ve laid the cards on the table.

I believe this is the absolute best opportunity you will ever have.

And it’s incredibly simple. With clear, easy-to-understand alerts that get delivered for each strategy plus my concierge team on standby, this will take you 10 or 15 minutes a week…

And, with that effort, you could change your life.

Just like those that took action on my last prediction.

The ball is in your court…

Just click the orange button and fill out the form so we can get started right away.

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Have questions? You can place your order right now with our VIP Concierge Team. You can reach them right now at 904-404-8870.

I urge you... Don’t delay, don’t hesitate and miss out on the massive gains coming during this 197 day profit window.

To your trading success,

P.S. After you complete your membership, be sure to check into the members portal to access this Sunday’s trade alerts