The Two Most Profitable
Red Lines In The Market

320% Option Profits In 30 Days Or Less!

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I want to show you a weird market pattern - overlooked by 99% of traders - that is perfectly tailored for people with microscopic trading accounts.

It could potentially turn every $5,000 into $24,300 in just a year.

And here’s the thing: you could be trading this pattern within 24 hours.

In the next few moments I’m going to give you the proof.

First - let me show you what I’m talking about.

You’re looking at the most profitable “red lines” in the market.

If a stock triggers one, it pops up on watch lists across Wall Street.

If it triggers the second – we get an explosive move in a matter of days.

All You Have To Do Is Spot The Pattern!

If you did you would have caught this pop on XBI.

Within 12 days, you’d have raked in a drop dead easy 320% option profit.

It’s also how you’d have sniped trades like…

80% on LPX in 27 days.

61% on EBAY in 28 days.

And, 129% on HA in 18 days.

Even If You’re A Complete Beginner,
If You Can Spot The Red Lines… You CAN Profit!

You don’t ned any expensive software or training to get started. You can trade this strategy with free charting software, and any run of the mill brokerage account.

You definitely don’t need to be “Warren Buffet rich” to get started.

You can enter a position with a few hundred bucks and earn payouts of 100-300% - often in as little as 48 hours. Trades rarely last longer than a month.

And, to show you these examples aren’t cherry picked…

This is the real equity curve for our “Double Trigger” model portfolio.

That’s a stunning 621% whole account return in 15 months.

At that rate, a $5,000 account becomes $24,300 in a year… and $118,098 in two.

I’m sure you’ll agree… that’s a pretty fantastic deal.

The Reason Why You’ve Never Heard
Any Of This Before

Very few traders know about the red line phenomenon. The handful who do will never speak about it publicly. None of them will teach you how to trade it.

I can guarantee your investment advisor has never heard of this. Even a Google search for “Wall Street Red Lines” won’t turn up any relevant results.

Today you’re going to get all the facts for the first time.

My name is Roger Scott.

You may have seen me featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg or Fox Business.

In 1998, I started my first hedge fund with $20 million in investor capital. When I closed up shop after 10 years, that initial investment had grown 37-fold to $740 million.

That’s a 3,600% total return.

It’s like turning every $5,000 into $185,000.

Or every $10,000 into $370,000.

It’s also an average annual return of 43.49%.

The S&P 500 only averages 9% per year historically.

Even legendary investor Warren Buffett only averaged 21.6% per year.

How Was I Able To Beat
Warren Buffett For A Decade?

While most of Wall Street is stuck in a dangerous “Buy and Hold” mentality…

I focus almost exclusively on a handful of little known price patterns.

More often than not I have NO idea why a stock is going up or down.

Yet I’m almost always positioned to profit BEFORE the move even begins.

These Two Little Red Lines Are One Of
The Most Powerful Weapons In My Arsenal

To explain how it works I want you to think of the movie Speed…

The Keanu Reeves blockbuster from 1994.

The premise of the film was simple:

There’s a bomb on an L.A. city bus. When the bus reaches 50 mph, the bomb is armed. If the bus drops back below 50 mph - the bomb explodes.

Our Red Lines work exactly like that.

When a stock trades up above the first red line…

The stock is “armed” for a major move.

Then - if it drops back down below the second red line…

The stock “explodes” for a double digit gain in a matter of days.

Shockingly - these events are NOT rare.

The Pattern Repeats Like Clockwork
Week In, Week Out

Take United Airlines (UAL) for example.

It roared up through the first trigger at $67.90.

You can see where it broke the red line – clear as day on the chart.

Then it pulled back sharply to through the second.

Even a rank beginner could have bought an option on UAL, earning a 187% return on your money in just 10 days – or $1,870 on every $1,000.

You didn’t need any special skills. You didn’t need a giant account.

If you saw the pattern…

You Could Have Cashed In With
A Handful Of Mouse Clicks!

And here’s the thing…

The red lines don’t just work when stocks are going up.

We can use it to profit from dumps just as easily.

Take a look at this next example with PAA.

It crashed through the first “red line” right at $22.10.

Soon after it pulled back up sharply – slicing through the second line.

And, if you simply knew how to plot and spot those two lines…

You’d have earned 110% on your money in only 31 days.

That’s more than a double on every dollar invested.

Here’s How You Can Get Started Today...

Now - as I mentioned at the start of this presentation…

Wall Street doesn’t talk about the “red lines” publicly. You won’t find any training online on how to map… or trade… the “double trigger” pattern for your own account.

Other than the Too Big To Fail banks and hedge funds…

Very few non-institutional traders know about this.

I’m probably the ONLY professional trader who’ll tell you about it.


I’m going to go a step further.

I’d like to give you the entire strategy… served up on a silver platter.

With it you’ll stack up wins like…

97% on TWX in 29 days.

68% on DLTR in 11 days.

And, 133% on AMJ in 40 days.

It’s through a new program I’m calling…

Double Trigger Trader

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You see - I’m looking at a dozen stocks on my radar.

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It’s a matter of time before they give us an entry.

If you can spot the pattern, you’ve got the opportunity to capture trades like…

89% on PZZA in 24 days.

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The choice is yours.

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