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Leverage Over 22 Years of Professional Trading Experience
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My name is Roger Scott and I’m a retired hedge fund manager with over 2 decades of trading experience.

Between 1999 and 2009 I generated multi-million dollar returns for banks, financial institutions and ultra-wealthy clients.

I created the Precision Profits Program to help the retail trader generate aggressive returns, consistent income and ultra-low risk per trades.

And…you don’t need a large trading account, or complicated trading tactics.

You definitely won’t take on massive risk or trade highly speculative trading strategies that have no statistical edge.

Precision Profits gives you an easy to follow directional options alert when the fastest growing stocks or ETFs temporarily decline in value, just before they rise once again.

Giving you opportunity for massive profits and limited risk...the kind that can help you take your account growth to a whole new level.

One of the Best Kept Secrets...
That Professional Traders Don’t Want You To Know!

One of the biggest turning points for many retail traders happens when they discover one simple fact.

The lowest risk entry opportunities occur at the precise point where the long term trend and short term trend intersect.

This important price level is called the high velocity pullback zone.

Once price reaches this level there’s a very high probability that price will rise or rebound sharply once again.

While it all sound relatively easy, three vital components have to line up perfectly.

If Any Of The 3 Vital Components Are Out Of Line...
The Pullback Will Fail

Lack of Strong Long Trend Will Cause Pullback To Fail - Without super strong long term trend, the pullback will lack solid foundation.

Without solid foundation the stock or ETF won’t have the strength or the momentum needed to trade higher once again.

Short Term Trend Doesn’t Trade Down Far Enough – Price must trade low enough to reach the high velocity pullback zone.

If price doesn’t trade down far enough the pullback will lack sufficient momentum to trade higher once again.

Short Term Trend Moves Down Too Far Down – Price must not break the high velocity pullback zone.

If price trades too far down the odds of seeing a pullback is greatly decreased and the long term trend may be compromised permanently.

#1 - The Best Pullback Opportunities Start
With Ultra Strong Long Term Trend

Without ultra-strong long term trend the pullback will lack solid foundation to rebound after price declines.

I’ve back-tested over 100 methods of identifying and measuring the main trend using stocks, ETFs, commodities and currencies.

The best performing method of measuring the strength of the long term trend is relative or comparative strength.

Relative or comparative strength, allows the assets own strength and performance to dictate whether asset will continue gaining strength.

Relies purely on price performance over different time periods to assess strength or weakness.

You completely avoid using outdated lagging indicators that were created over 50 years ago.

#2 - Price Must Decline Enough
To Reach High Velocity Pullback Zone

The short term trend must be measured to determine whether it trading low enough to reach the high velocity pullback zone.

Several customized indicators are utilized to decide if price reached far enough down to the high velocity pullback zone.

If price doesn’t reach the pullback zone the rebound or reaction back up won’t be significant and price will stall instead of sharply trading higher.

Essentially, there won’t be enough momentum moving up in the direction of the trend to drive price higher.

#3 - Price Must Not Break
Below The High Velocity Pullback Zone Level

There’s a fine line between high velocity pullback and price reversal.

When price trades too far down below the high velocity zone the odds of seeing a rebound to the upside is greatly reduced.

There’s just too much price pressure to the downside to expect a strong price rebound back up after price trades lower and breaks the high velocity zone.

When price trades below the zone there’s an increased chance that the temporary pullback will turn into a complete price reversal and continue trading lower to the downside.

When 3 Vital Components Come Together...
You Get Potential For Strong Price Gains

In the fall of 2016, Apple stock was trending strongly to the upside.

A short term price pullback started to unfold in early September.

Just 4 short days after reaching the high velocity pullback zone to the downside...price exploded higher and the stock gained 11.29% in just 4 short trading sessions.

In the spring of 2016, American Express stock was trending strongly to the upside.

A short term price pullback began driving price lower towards the high velocity price zone in early April.

Only 2 weeks later, right after price reached the high velocity price zone, the stock began trading higher and gained over 12.84%.

The profit came only 14 days later.

Similar sized gains kept on coming and coming.

Out of a total of 64 High Velocity Pullback trades that were issued over the past 12 months, over 71% of all trades were winners.

Tthe average winner was 8.3% while the average loser was only 5%.

That makes the average winner over 66% bigger than the average loss on the trade.

All this while maintaining a 71% win rate.

In other words, you get a complete formula for high probability win rate and low risk.

Combined Options With High Velocity Pullbacks
Creates Potential For 16X Bigger Gains!

Options can add substantial leverage and increase the profit per trade in comparison to trading the underlying asset.

All with limited risk and unlimited profit potential.

Take a looks at the difference between trading the actual stock and trading the options contract instead.

In this example you see the same Apple trade.

But this time we trade options instead of the underlying stock.

Note the difference in performance between the underlying stock and the call option that was issued the day the stock traded down to the high velocity pullback zone.

The difference in performance is staggering.

The issued call option gained over 30x more than the actual stock price.

The call option gained a whopping 339%, while the stock gained 11.29%, all in just 4 trading sessions.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $3,390 in less than 1 week.

This is the same American Express issued trade example I demonstrated earlier... but this time we’re comparing the gains between the stock and the option.

The difference is big...the stock gained 12.84% while the call option gained 282%

That's over 21x bigger and demonstrates the raw power of combining high velocity pullbacks with the power of leverage that comes with buying limited risk call options.

If you invested $1,000 into the American Express issued options trade, you would end up with $2820.00 in just 2 short weeks.

These massive gains keep coming and coming!

In the last few months of 2016 Facebook stock was making big gains and momentum was increasing strongly.

In middle of December Facebook stock began declining in value and gave us a fantastic short term high velocity pullback opportunity.

In less than 2 weeks, right after New Year’s 2017 the stock exploded higher and gained 8.32% in less than 2 weeks.

The gain from the option was explosive with price increasing a massive 235% during the exact same time period.

That’s an increase of 28x in comparison to trading shares of Facebook....that’s enough to turn $1,000 into $2,350 or $5,000 into $11,750 in less than 2 weeks.

These types of gains can help you retire early or pay for your kid’s college.

The possibilities are truly unlimited with huge gains like this.

Finally, in spring of 2016, Lam Research was rising sharply and steadily outperforming the majority of stocks on Wall Street.

Immediately before summer began the price of the stock declined to the high velocity price zone level. Opportunity for big profit potential was ripe.

Immediately before summer began the price of the stock declined to the high velocity price zone level. Opportunity for big profit potential was ripe.

In only 9 days the underlying stock gained 13.66% but the option gained an explosive 316%.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $3,160.

If you start with a small account and invested only $500 you would come out with $1,580.

All without massive long term equity drawdowns, complicated investments, unforeseeable overnight risk that could wipe out your account or make you wait years to make measly gains.

Options Can Drastically Increase Your Profit To Loss Ratio
And Give You An Unfair Advantage!

The capsule summary demonstrates the difference between trading the actual stock or ETF and the option contract…and it’s staggering.

Over the same 64 issued trades the average profit across all trades was 134%.

That’s 16x bigger than the average gain of 8.33% on the actual stock or ETF.

That’s the kind of highly leverage options can offer traders.

All with limited risk and massive profit opportunity...each time you enter the issued trade.

But there’s something even more important...the key to consistent, safe and reliable long term profits is trade risk management.

Big gains won’t do you any good if you don’t have a heavy duty, rigorous method of risk protection.

Watching the size of your losers is vital to long term trading success.

Options not only give you amazing leverage and profit potential but they can drastically increase the profit to loss ratio.

To put in simple terms, this makes your potential profits much bigger than the loss on the trade.

Imagine the type of unfair advantage options can hand you when combined with properly timed market entry, limited risk and high leverage…all rolled into one.

And don’t forget…buying options limits your risk to the cost paid for the option in the worst case scenario.

Even if the price of the underlying stock or ETF loses 90% of its value, the risk on the trade is limited.

Your Exclusive One Time Opportunity...
To Partner Up With Me!

I’ve been at this game for a long time.

Long to enough to know that you can’t expect to glance at a few charts and identify high velocity pullback trade opportunities.

Not without years of hit or miss effort that can end up costing you a small fortune if you don’t get it right!

Realistically, you’ll need deep understanding of complex trade analysis, strategy development and complete understanding of implied volatility and options delta.

It may take you months or possibly years to correctly identify high velocity pullback trade opportunities.

In the worst case, you may never experience the full benefit of high velocity pullback trade opportunities and miss out on trade alerts with 300% profit potential…or even more!

To save you countless hours of research, stress and financial trial and error, I created an all new options advisory alert program.

Precision Profits gives you opportunity to target massive triple digit gains…just like the recently issued trade opportunities you see below:

  • +224.75% GAIN On FLR April 42.50 Call
  • +203.96% GAIN On IRM June 32.50 Call
  • +282.07% GAIN On AXP June 60.00 Call
  • +196.28% GAIN On AMZN June 605 Call
  • +230.14% GAIN On ATVI August 36 Call
  • +228.57% GAIN On XLE September 65 Call
  • +339.04 GAIN On AAPL November 105 Call
  • Any many more besides...

I Do All The Heavy Lifting So You Don’t Have To!

The Precision Profits program combines all the essential elements of profitable, consistent and safer directional options trading with very limited risk.

  • Each time I see a potentially profitable low risk high velocity pullback trade opportunity… I will issue an actionable alert and notify you right away.
  • You will receive all the details needed to execute the trade an opportunity right away in real time, directly to your inbox, email and smart phone.
  • I select the call option entry, the exit price, including the strike price and expiration date.
  • I tell you when to enter and I tell you when to get out so the only thing left for you to do is place the order with your broker.
  • There’s no second guessing, complicated rules or enter ambiguous orders.

Created for busy active trades who don’t have time or experience to search for high velocity pullback zones low risk, high reward trade opportunities.

Based On Decades Of Investment Research
and Professional Trading Principles

Keep in mind…there’s no hidden formulas, penny stocks, naked options, black box systems or wave patterns that come around every other decade.

  • Designed around decades of solid investment principles, years of back-testing and over 23 years of “heavy duty” trading experience.
  • Each issued trade alert starts with the strongest rising asset that’s outperforming other assets and demonstrates aggressive institutional accumulation over time.
  • Every trade must meet the strict standard of reaching the high velocity price zone level to ensure that price rebound is highly probable.
  • I scour the option chain for options that are grossly undervalued and have potential for fast price gains over the near term time frame.
  • We use the power of leveraged call options with risk completely limited to the value of the option at any given time.

Every step is taken to ensure that you get issued trade opportunities that offer the highest probability of profit…with no exception.

Precision Profits Gives You Everything You Need
To Generate Massive Options Gains!

There’s no need to analyze market action or read earnings reports…we do the heavy lifting and spoon-feed you every trade :

Velocity Private Members Portal - You get 24/7 access to your personal members portal. Check the latest issued trade alerts or read the daily updated analysis online.

Get instant access to up to the minute issued position tracker. View the getting started videos or read the daily updates inside your secure member portal.

Velocity Trader Getting Started Videos - Step by step videos answering all commonly asked questions and providing the methodology and the dynamics that drive the Velocity Trader Options Program.

Clear and concise video instructions to show you how get the most benefit out of the Precision Profits program in record time.

Actionable Trade Alerts - Each time I see a high velocity pullback opportunity in real time I will send you a detailed email and SMS Text alert to your phone.

Clear instructions give you the symbol, strike price, expiration date and maximum recommended entry or exit price.

Focus on increasing profits instead of searching through complex options chains.

There’s no ambiguity, subjective decision making or multiple choices…you get clear, concise instructions that tell you exactly what to buy and what to sell right away.

Daily Position Updates – Detailed update on all open positions are posted Sunday through Thursday and provide the closing price for each for all currently held options positions.

Portfolio Tracker –Your member’s portal provides portfolio tracking spreadsheet for both the underlying asset and the selected call option.

See details of every trade issued since program began and track currently open position.

Download pre-configured sample spreadsheet from the member’s portal and keep track of your closed trades and open positions.

Daily Coaching – Exclusive access to premium coaching and analysis reports, updated Sunday through Thursday.

Concise, step by step market analysis that will inform you…and teach you how to make sense of day to day market action using relative strength, market internals tactics and volatility levels.

E-mail Support - If you have any questions about the Precision Profits Program, simply send us an email for priority support.

Full-time support staff available 7 days per week, ready to answer all question.

Special Bonus – Take Your Options Trading To A Whole New Level!

I want to help you become a better trader.

To give you an edge…I recorded a series of powerful video tutorials called “Leverage High Velocity Pullbacks”.

These powerful videos will teach you the essential principles of directional options trading step by step.

Here's a small sample of the actionable trading content you'll find in your members portal.

Discover how to target call options with potential for aggressive returns with limited risk…without years of hit or miss trading.

Placing the right order can make a big giant impact on your bottom line.

I’ll explain the different types of orders and tell you which ones you must avoid when trading options.

Price fills can make a difference between a winning and losing trade.

Learn to work the order to ensure optimal price fills in different types of market conditions…even if liquidity and volume are low.

Find out how implied volatlity significantly impacts the value of the option and position yourself to be on the winning side…every time you place a trade.

Options delta offers vital information to savvy traders.

Discover how Delta can dictate the strike price you select and sensitivity to the underlying stock or ETF in real time.

Time decay is a major disadvantage for options buyers.

Learn how to select the right strike price to keep premium decay to an absolute minimum.

And much much more!

A Small Group of Traders Got Access…
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Triple Digit Winners

I’ve seen many triple digit winners with the Precision Profits.

I’m retired and trade stock options to supplement my income.

The most important part of the program is being able to execute the trade for a fair price and I have no complaints!

Your instructions tell me what my maximum price should be and that takes all of the confusion out of the equation.

I couldn’t ask for more and I’m grateful.

Ronald F.

New Highs

Thanks for the access to the Precision Profits program.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

The potential for big gain when options are below fair value and the stock is pulling back is amazing.

I’ve had some winners reach over 200% in a matter of days and the percentage of winners is terrific.

My account is making new highs and I’m one happy member.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Thank you.

James C.

Consistent Gains

Joining your program was a great decision.

I understand the difference between professional traders and retail traders.

Thanks for sharing such a great options program with the rest of us.

I'm able to achieve big and consistent gains that keep me profitable.

I’ve abandoned my outdated strategies and won’t look back.

Thank you.

Francis T.
San Diego

Up Over 250%

Thank you for such a great method of trading options with pullbacks.

After just a few trades I knew I made the right decision.

The issued alerts are easy to follow and I’m up over 250% on several trades.

I deleted my old indicators completely and look forward to getting my weekly alerts.

You’ve made a positive impact in my life.


Bill R.

Another Winner

My average profit after 12 trades is 174%.

I’m letting you know that you have another winner on your hands.

The most important part about your program is consistency and highly accuracy.

Thanks for being patience and going beyond my high expectations.

Clay B.

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Now it’s Time to Take Action…

Financial market become increasingly efficient with each passing day.

To gain an edge you need to target high probability opportunities with low risk.

High velocity pulbacks offer potential for massive triple digit gains.

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You owe it to yourself to include the Precision Profits in your portfolio.

Enroll now give yourself the potential to leverage maximum account grow, month in and month out.


Roger Scott
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P.S. the Precision Profits program can help you target huge profit opportunities and low risk...without complicated trade analysis or wasting valuable hours following market action.

We provide clear and simple to understand entry and exit trade alerts...to help you gain an edge in today's fast moving markets.

There’s limited space in the Precision Profits Program…don’t procrastinate and jeopardize your opportunity for consistent gains.

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