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Whenever one of these investment “Unicorns” strike… we get returns of 174%... 224%... 316%... or even 339% in Blue Chip stocks - typically in less than 14 days.

Many of the great Titans of Wall Street owe their vast wealth to this phenomenon. Legendary investors like Paul Tudor Jones have used it to amass fortunes of $4.7 billion or more.

Now - for the first time ever - you’ll have the power to harness them for yourself.

These are not slow, long term investments. Once our signal fires - you’ve got a narrow window to take action. It might be as little as 24 hours before the move begins.

Once it does - the stock EXPLODES for rapid gains!

With the vast majority of these High Velocity Pullbacks - you’re in and out in LESS than two weeks. Yet the returns we’ve seen are nothing if not extraordinary!

In a single year you could have used them to…

  • 64 individual High Velocity Pullback trades.
  • A win rate of 71.88% on your trades.
  • $2.97 of profit for every $1 on losing trades.

With average returns of 134% on the winners…

While only losing 45% on the losers…

If you’d invested $1,000 in all 64 positions - you’d have earned $53,540 in profit.

With a $10,000 investment - you’d be looking at a life changing $535,400!

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You’ll have entry and exit alerts delivered straight to your inbox and cellphone during market hours. We give you all the details you need to enter and exit each trade.

We’ve seen trades like…

  • 282.07% in 14 days on American Express (AXP).
  • 259.71% in 18 days on Tyson Foods (TSN).
  • 109.04% in 6 days on NetEase (NTES).
  • 114.59% in 13 days on Coach inc (COH).
  • 316.17% in 9 days on Lam Research Corp (LRCX).
  • 230.14% in 5 days on Activision Blizzard (ATVI).
  • 141.46% in 10 days on CA inc (CA).
  • 228.57% in 18 days on Energy Select Sector ETF (XLE).

All you need to do is pull the trigger, and follow my exact instructions on each option contract to buy and sell. Then you either wait for the options to expire or for our signal to exit.

I spend three to four hours EACH DAY writing up fresh market analysis, and giving his outlook on all of our open positions. It’s like receiving a private briefing from one of the world’s top hedge fund managers in your inbox every day.

Bottom Line: this coaching will make you a better, more disciplined trader. You’ll profit from the skills you gain under Roger’s mentorship for the lifetime of your trading career.

The daily position report will give you detailed analysis on open positions, profit targets as well as potential position risk. You’re never left wondering what to do.

Inside the members area you’ll find the entire performance record of the Precision Profits model portfolio dating back to 2016. This includes every trade - win or lose.

You’ll be able to track our overall performance from here.

PLUS - you’ll have your very own downloadable performance spreadsheet, which you can fill in as you trade. This will allow you to track your individual performance with the system.

All of these elements - when combined - give you an incredible trading machine.

Over a one year stretch the Precision Profits system would have given you…

  • 64 individual High Velocity Pullback trades.
  • A win rate of 71.88% on your trades.
  • $2.97 of profit for every $1 on losing trades.

It is the only system that consistently finds High Velocity Pullbacks.

Even if you’d only invested 10% of your portfolio in each trade - you’d still be up a whopping 535% so far. Every $1,000 would have become $5,350.

Every $10,000 would be $53,500.

If those returns continue going forward - at the 478% rate we saw in 2016 - every $1,000 you invest with Precision Profits could be as much as $6,451,180 in five years.

That’s why this service normally costs $5,000.

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