Every Week, $1.2 Trillion In Stock Trades Are Concealed
From The NYSE, Often Before Moves Like
464% In ACLS... 627% In HEES... And 2,812% In NHTC

We’ve Identified 27 Of These Shadow Market Trades In
2018 Alone - Which Could Have Earned You $412,119

You Never Heard About Any Of Them
Today We’re Going To Change That

When Wall Street bets BIG - they do it in secret. Just like they did on September 20th when they put 26 million shares of Apple on the table.

Why? We’ll get to that in a minute.

First let’s be clear: on an average trading day, millions of transactions are concealed through a series of shadowy “Prime Alpha Networks” or PANs.  

The orders never appear on any public exchange.

These multi-billion dollar block trades slip by, totally under the radar.

Like the 400,000 shares of GE that traded with zero oversight, right before a major break out in the stock. Insiders walked away with staggering profits.

Most investors never know these trades are happening.

Standard & Poor’s doesn’t maintain any index for this shadow market activity. And, you definitely won’t read about it in the Wall Street Journal.

The NYSE reports transactions on 2,674 stocks.

You can pull up charts on nearly 16,000 more on on the NASDAQ or from OTC listings - not to mention thousands of ETFs and other securities.

None of these PAN trades appear in ANY of that data.

It’s not because they’re not valuable. When I was trading millions of dollars for my ultra-high net worth clients, this was the #1 factor I’d watch every single day.

And, I wasn’t alone. All the big boys keep close tabs on the PANs.

It’s a true insider’s paradise. And, that’s by design.

To be frank - I get nervous saying any of this in public. But the players in this hidden market are so busy raking in cash, they won’t care if we piggyback on their trades.

Hell, they probably won’t even notice. They’ve got bigger fish to fry anyway.

You see - it would be impossible for Goldman to trade against their multi-millionaire clients if they were broadcasting their moves in advance.

If you’re wondering why they need to do that in the first place - it’s just another example of Wall Street giving Main Street the short end of the stick.

Even millionaires are getting screwed at the expense of the billionaire elite.

And, the PANs are their secret weapon.

They allow the financial elite to operate in total darkness. Nearly every dirty trick in the banksters playbook relies on these hidden money pipelines.

Billions of undetected dollars are flowing through them as we speak.

Who’s running this hidden money? It could be major institutions like Morgan Stanley, or HSBC. It might be hedge funds like Renaissance or Bridgewater associates.

In every case - it’s the inner sanctum of the financial elite.

Just recently there was a PAN transaction that dumped $750 million into Facebook - probably sparking a 6% swing in the stock on no news whatsoever.

There was no earnings report. Blackrock didn’t issue a new buy recommendation. Zuckerberg hadn’t introduced any major new product launch or acquisition.

This wasn’t about fundamentals at all. It was a pure “PAN” financial play.

By the time ordinary investors notice these hidden trades, it’s already too late. Wall Street’s secret stocks have stacked up major short term gains.

[chart 8/16/2018 8/27/2018 XLNX Long $71.30 $74.87 5.01% 21 DEC 65 Strike Price CALL $8.55 $11.20 30.99%]

There was a 30% return on Xilinx in 11 days.

chart 7/5/2018 7/17/2018 SNE Long $51.35 $53.82 4.81% 19 OCT 50 Strike Price CALL $3.70 $5.30 43.24%

43% on Sony Corp in 11 days.

chart 5/4/2018 5/15/2018 AXP Long $97.65 $100.95 3.38% 20 JUL 97.5 Strike Price CALL $3.90 $5.55 42.31%

And, 42% on American Express also in 11 days.

You won’t see a penny of those moves. Instead you’ll watch them play out on FBN, while a tiny group of well connected traders get obscenely rich.

I know, because I used to be one of them.

Hi - my name is Roger Scott.

For over 20 years, I was the insider’s insider.

I ran over $900 million for clients including one of the ten wealthiest families on Earth. My partners included current and former White House economic advisors.

One of them even works for President Trump today.

For decades, we used these little known “Prime Alpha Networks” to outperform 99% of the street - including legendary investors like Warren Buffett.

But, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. And, after a decade spent helping the 1% of the 1% buy a second yacht, or a fourth lamborghini - I was fed up.  

I wanted to help the ordinary investor.

Guys like my father who worked every day for his living.

So when I saw the crash coming in 2008, I shut down my hedge fund. Up until now I’ve kept my silence on Wall Street’s most corrupt yet insanely lucrative trading practices.

I’ve never told anyone outsiders about the PAN phenomenon, or the slew of other money making opportunities I’ve had in the bag for years.  

No more. As of today…

I’m Coming Clean

I’m sick and tired of millionaire insiders rigging the game against you, and in their favor. But most important - I’m trying to make us rich.

If you’ve seen my videos and read my years of content, you know I’m a modest, honest man. You know I’d love to make you money at Wall Street’s expense.

I know the tricks they use - and to be honest they’re not even that smart. I’ve rarely met a genius floor trader. Most of these guys are no different from you or I.

But when they sit down at the poker table, they do it with more chips and better cards. So, more often than not - they win big and you play for scraps.  

These PAN moves are an example of that.

It doesn’t take brains to execute them. It only takes access.

And, I’ve decided to unlock the PAN phenomenon once and for all - including the little known signal you can use to spot these trades before they happen.  

I’m going to give out stock plays that could make you a wealthy person many times over, if not -  at the very least - a more consistent winner in the market.

Just imagine you had a spy on the trading floor at JP Morgan. And, imagine this double agent could feed you every secret trade in advance.

If they were funneling capital into a little known small cap stock ahead of an announcement, you could simply step in front of their hidden buying.

With hundreds of millions, or even billions of institutional capital rushing in behind you - it would be child’s play to capture an in-and-out profit.

We’re not talking about a few dollars here or there, either.

Say you took a grub stake of just $2,500 on May 24th when we got a P.A.N. on Tiffany & Co.

chart 5/24/2018 6/1/2018 TIF Long $126.70 $131.57 3.84% 20 JUL 125 Strike Price CALL $5.10 $8.20 60.78%

You’d be out again June 1st up 60.71%.

Now say you rolled your profits forward on June 4th with Chipotle Mexican Grill.

chart 6/4/2018 6/7/2018 CMG Long $442.47 $451.46 2.03% 21 SEP 480 Strike Price CALL $17.40 $26.00 49.43%

By June 7th you up 49.43% with $3,503 in total profits.

But you weren’t done. On June 8th we got a signal on Stitch Fix inc.

chart 6/8/2018 6/27/2018 SFIX Long $24.27 $28.77 18.54% 20 JUL 21 Strike Price CALL $3.80 $7.40 94.74%

Just 19 days later you were up 94.74%.

Your original $2,500 was now $11,691 - or nearly 5 times your money.

Now - I know what you’re thinking...

“Isn’t that insider trading?”

It’s not. Because the fact is - I don’t have any inside source on Wall Street.

And, I don’t need one. When my old trading friends used to call with tips - I’d just smile and say “I already know what you’re going to tell me.”

Nine times out of ten, I’d heard the “tip” weeks earlier.

Only I didn’t get it from any secret mole on Citigroup’s equities desk. I definitely wasn’t stealing trash outside Goldman’s HQ at 200 West Street in Manhattan.

Yet my early warning intelligence was almost always spot on.

And, it still is to this day.

Just last month my readers and I took a PAN trade on Merck.

chart 10/25/2018 10/29/2018 MRK Long $69.50 $72.73 4.65% 18 JAN 67.5 Strike Price CALL $3.90 $6.30 61.54%

Not only did the stock pop 4.65% in 4 days - but I used one of my Tier 1 Execution Tools to turn it into a 61% gain.

And then there was the PAN we had on Brooks Automation inc a few weeks ago.  

chart 6/11/2018 6/15/2018 BRKS Long $32.00 $35.41 10.66% 20 JUL 30 Strike Price CALL $2.75 $5.80 110.91%

Shares spiked $3.41 in just 12 days - and I used the same technique to accelerate it into a 110% profit for my readers. Tell me…

When was the last time you doubled your money in less than two weeks?

Now I’m giving you a piece by piece break down of how I did it.

And, how you can do it again for your own account.

First - ask yourself this…

How Do You Spot The “Tell” of Invisible Money
Pumping Through The PANs?

Wall Street’s most valuable commodity isn’t oil or god, it’s information. And, the digital “1s” and “0s” coursing through the “Prime Networks” are the crown jewels.

That’s why the big banks have done everything in their power to lock down them down. They spend more on cyber-security than most governments.

J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Citibank And Wells Fargo spent a combined $1.5 billion preventing cyber attacks in 2016 alone.

That’s greater than the GDP of over 19 countries.

Why do you think that is? It’s not to protect their client’s privacy. They’re desperate to protect the intellectual property behind their multi-billion dollar trading strategies.

And, the PANs are their most valuable secret asset.

You can’t hack them. You’ll never get a spy inside. So for all intents and purposes, you will never “see” what their invisible money is doing.

Fortunately, you don’t need to.

Because transactions in the “Prime Alpha Networks” have a tell.

Think of it like this...

It’s impossible to see the wind. Air is invisible to the naked eye. But you if you spot leaves tumbling through the air - you know there’s a breeze.

So we don’t have to look for invisible money at all. We simply have to identify the tell-tale signs it gives off, while moving under the surface of the market.

Now hold up - that’s a lot to take in.

Let’s get off the hyperbole and break this down - step by step and chart by chart.

show a chart with the volume pattern

You’re looking at my window into the PAN trading on Google.

The pattern at the bottom of the chart is a key measure of market activity.

Technically, it doesn’t leak the full details on Wall Street’s secret trades. But, if you know what to look for - it reveals precisely where the invisible money is flowing.

Even among pit floor traders, this indicator is misunderstood. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it before, and never grasped the pattern’s true significance.

But I’ve seen the power of this indicator first hand. If it spikes for a stock, I know we can expect a big, near term move. And, I know we can step in front of it.  

That’s exactly what my readers and I did on SendGrid.

CHART 10/31/2018 11/7/2018 SEND Long $36.75 $44.26 20.44% 18 JAN 35 Strike Price CALL $5.30 $9.80 84.91%

Once I spotted the PAN buying on the chart, we got in. Just 7 days later you could have used my Tier 1 Execution Tools to collect a 84% returns.

Most investors are incapable of capitalizing on these trades.  

We do it by taking advantage of Wall Street’s size.

If you’re a fund with $10 billion or more under management, you don’t buy or sell stocks the same way you do with a $100,000 portfolio.

Your minimum position size might be $100 million.

When you start buying with that much firepower, signal flares go up all through the market. Sellers start pulling their orders. Price immdiately spikes.

That’s why the big banks are forced to engineer their entries over weeks, or even months -  with extended campaigns of covert buying.

If we get in at the beginning of the campaign - we can ride it all the way up. And that, my friends, is exactly what we’re looking for in these charts.

It’s an anomaly I call…

The Prime Pulse

It happens when market activity spikes by at least ten times normal.  

show chart leading up to it - NHTC

You can see it right there on Natural Health Trends Corp. When that signal appears, I know Wall Street is moving heavy inventory behind the scenes.

Millions of shares are changing hands under the cloak of darkness.

If you can spot it - you’ve got an incredible opportunity. Because when institutional players buy a stock, they don’t do it all at once like you or me.

They’re buying millions of shares. They’re forced to stagger their purchases over weeks or months - creating a sustained wave of buying pressure.

Which is exactly what we saw.

show chart AFTER

Not long after you got our “Prime Pulse” signal, the stock was up 2,812%. On a single trade you could have earned over 28 times your money.

A $10,000 position might have paid off your mortgage.

And, NHTC is just one example. Once you know what to look for - you can spot these opportunities all over the market.

CHART with sonar PING

You might have caught a 98% leap in United States Steel Corp (X) in seven weeks.

CHART with sonar PING

Or a 122% explosion in Cloud Peak Energy (CLD) in three months.

CHART with sonar PING

Or even a 167% run up in AK Steel Holdings (AKS) in sixteen weeks.

Of course - it’s not as easy as buying whenever the Prime Pulse fires.

Wall Street insiders use the PANs for all kinds of reasons - and a quick burst of invisible money might not translate into a longer buying campaign on the stock.

If you pay attention to anything I say today, let it be this:

Without confirmation the Prime Pulse is useless.

Worse - it could actually be dangerous.

Take a look at this chart of PPG Group. You can clearly see the entry, when PAN market activity spiked. And, sure enough - the stock did go up… at first.

Before Chart of PPG

Then over the next week it coughed up ALL its gains.

Wall Street lured them in with a false break out, right before dumping millions of shares.

Investors who got in late were soaked for thousands in losses.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these traps.

And, we do that with a key technical support level I call…

The Momentum Threshold.

It’s the critical second buy trigger that confirms our Prime Pulse.

When We Hit Both Triggers,
I Guarantee A Big Move Is Coming

When you get how institutional money thinks, it’s easy to see why.

Traders at Bridgewater or AQR - which both have over $50 billion under management - don’t approach the market like you or I do.

Every day they’re buying and selling millions of shares to rebalance their portfolios, while shifting assets and money around to manage risk.

When they look at a stock, they don’t see potential entry and exit points. They see a complex web of Accumulation and Distribution zones.

If a stock is trading above its key Momentum Threshold, major institutional players are taking on inventory. If it’s trading under that level, they’re unloading.

In plain English - it tells you which way the wind wants to blow.

On its own, The Momentum Threshold isn’t that useful. It’s a trend indicator - but it won’t tell you when a big move is actually going to kick off.

But, when you combine it with The Prime Pulse… it’s scary effective.

Chart of Dillards

Recently we got a Prime Pulse on Dillard’s.

Chart of Dillards with MTL

Only… it never broke the The Momentum Threshold.

Chart of Dillard’s after

Dillard’s did spike by about $1.50 per share… for a few days.

Then it plunged 16% over the next 4 weeks.

Here’s another scenario…

Chart of XYZ

First the Prime Pulse fired for Lionbridge Tech (LIOX).

Chart of XYZ with 50 day MA line

It SMASHED the The Momentum Threshold.

Chart of XYZ AFTER

Sure enough… the stock rocketed up 85%.

The critical factor here is confirmation.

It’s not about having one silver bullet indicator.

The magic happens when one tool confirms the other.

CHART with sonar PING

When our Prime Pulse signal was confirmed for Quorum Health we got a 60% blast.

CHART with sonar PING

When we got confirmation on Sirius XM the stock soared 87%.

CHART with sonar PING

When it happened for Oneok inc (OKE) we saw a 114% pop.

And, let me ask you this…

When was the last time you racked up a string of double and triple digit wins like those? And just imagine what would happen if you rolled your profits forward.

As I’ve already shown you - a $500 initial stake can easily compound to 6 or even 7 figures in profit. Even if you only let fifty percent of your profits ride…

We could be talking about a 10-15x multiple on your money.

All you have to do is wait for the Prime Pulse

Confirm the stock is trading above its Momentum Threshold

Then you step in front of Wall Street’s PAN transaction volume, and wait a few days or a weeks - at most - to cash out. It really is that easy.

And, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

To make that happen, I’ve created a program called…

Prime Alpha Trader

Inside you’ll secure access to Six Video Training Modules.

These modules are designed to get you up to speed on my system fast.

I wouldn’t ask anyone to just blindly trade with me without all the facts. They’re informative, fun, and I insist you see them before I start putting red meat right on your plate.

The material covers my entire Prime Alpha Trader strategy. With it you’ll master the precise three step process for finding explosive trading opportunities like:

151% in Cliff’s Natural Resources (CLF)
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271% in Papa John’s Pizza (PCO)

With the program you’ll get…

  1. The Real King Kong Of The Market

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  3. Big Money “Fingerprints”

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  4. The “Double Wave” Effect

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  5. Supercharge Your Profits

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    And last but not least…

  6. The Final Pieces Of The Puzzle

    You’ll avoid the ONLY PAN scenario that never works… eliminate “Black Monday” risk to your portfolio… and calculate your profit factor.

I’m sure you’ll agree…

This Is The Full Package

I’m giving you everything you need to capitalize on the Prime Alpha Network phenomenon.

You’ll spot the trades. You’ll execute them perfectly.

Most importantly - you’ll capture profits like:

262% in Sonic Corp (SONC)
377% in Aspen Technologies (AZPN)
448% in National Beverage Corp (FIZZ)

And even…

2,812% in National Health Trends Corp (NHTC)

Think about what that would mean. Financial concerns would vanish. You’d get to live the life you want - with the house and toys you want - anywhere you want.

It’s the definition of financial freedom.

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