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Accumulated Profit Over 7 Years - Starting With $50,000

  • Take all the guesswork out of what to trade, when to trade and how many shares to trade.
  • Track record of all issued trades that made over 1291% return in the the last 7 years.
  • Gives you ready to enter entry and exit signals Bi-Weekly in one of only 4 different ETFs.
  • Engineered to profit in bull market, bear market and range bound market.

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"PROFIT TRENDS ALERT Strategy uses the same principles that large Hedge Funds use daily to make millions in the stock market. With my bi-weekly trade alerts, you will always know what position to enter and exit and how many shares to trade."
- Roger Scott, Expert Trader & Retired Hedge Fund Manager

The PROFIT TRENDS ALERT Membership Gives You
Everything You Need To Succeed

  • Members area with complete history of all previously issued trades and current alerts with trade size.
  • Bi-Weekly email alert that will let you know which ETF to rotate into for the next two weeks.
  • Downloadable spreadsheet to keep track of your trades just like the online model portfolio.
  • Daily email with complete update on the models open positions so you will never miss a trade!
  • Weekly trading report with ETF updates so that you know how PROFIT TRENDS ALERT model is performing at all times.
  • The model portfolio follows 4 different ETF's and never holds more than 2 at any time.

Almost 13X Return On Original $50,000 Investment
Between January 2011 and January 2018

  • The model calculates entries and exits so there's never any guesswork on your part.
  • Trading alerts are emailed the night before entry to give you time to enter the order.
  • Betting big on any one single position eliminates diversification, tremendously increases risk to your overall account and jeopardizes predictable account growth.
  • Only handful of stocks continue to gain momentum month after month, which limits the number of trading opportunities.

The PROFIT TRENDS ALERT Strategy Consistently
Outperforms S&P 500 Index!

  • The PROFIT TRENDS ALERT model made 13 times more profit than S&P 500 over the past 7 years.
  • The model is designed to profit in bull market, bear market and sideways market.
  • You don't have to sell short, trade leveraged ETF's or use margin to trade this strategy.

7 Year Return Comparison From
January 2011 To January 2018

Trading Model

  • PROFIT TRENDS ALERT model was designed by retired fund manager with over 23 years of trading experience.
  • ​The annualized return over the past 7 years is 44%, compared to 11.46% for the S&P 500.
  • The trading model generated over 1291% since 2011, 14 times more than the S&P 500.

You’re Protected by Our 100% Performance Guarantee

Your purchase is protected by our 100% performance guarantee. If the PROFIT TRENDS ALERT model does not outperform the SP 500 over the next 12 months, I will give you an additional 12 months at no additional cost, that’s how confident I am that the PROFIT TRENDS ALERT Model will continue to outperform the SP 500.

Roger Scott
Senior Editor

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Check Out The Complete Performance
Summary Of All Issued Trades

  • This PROFIT TRENDS ALERT portfolio started in January 2011 with $50,000
  • The net gain over the past 7 years was $645,920.05
  • Over 62% of all trades that were taken ended up being winners.
  • The profit factor which tells you how much you win for every $1.00 that you risk on average is $2.11
  • Over the past 7 years the model only had 4 consecutive losers in a row.

What Our Members Say About the PROFIT TRENDS ALERT
ETF Program

I’ve traded many different strategies both long term and short term.

I was very curious to try your PROFIT TRENDS ALERT trading model, because I never thought that it was possible to achieve such a high level of flexibility and diversification with only 4 ETFs.

I’m actually amazed at how simple the model works and how well it works in real time market conditions.

I first allocated only about 10 percent of my speculative account, but after following the method for close to two years, I’m now about 75% invested in this and I’m talking about my IRA and my trading account.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to trade the PROFIT TRENDS ALERT strategy.

Daniel Fisk - Rockford

Roger and the rest of the group at WealthPress, I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you that I'm very pleased with the PROFIT TRENDS ALERT model and I'm very happy that you allowed me to test it out in real time.

The market is currently up only a few percent since last year, but my account is up over 24% and still building equity, while the stock market is waiting for the next big move.

Thanks again for such as a one of a kind service!

Fred Cowell – San Antonio

My sincerest thank you goes out to you Roger for creating such a brilliant strategy.

I've traded for over 15 years, and never imagined that there was a strategy to take advantage of every type of PROFIT TRENDS ALERT that the U.S. stock market goes through.

I already made arrangements to allocate another 25% of my portfolio to the Market Cyle ETF model.

Martin Bean – Detroit

Bonus: Why Traders Lose Video Tutorial

Stop getting in your own way! One hour step by step video tutorial. Develop a consistent approach to trading. Discover the trading skills needed to win. Learn the real truth about trading success. Regular Price $197...Included with purchase!

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I am happy with your ETF program and feel that your trend following models can help make me money.

The research and experience comes through in your work. I appreciate the daily updates and the weekly reports.

My account value increased substantially during the time I've been a member of your rotation programs.

I would not hesitate to recommend your service. Thanks for the help.

Warren Edwin - Syracuse

I’ve tried other ETF rotating models and strategies, but none could hold a candle to PROFIT TRENDS ALERT rotation program.

The logic behind the trading models is explained very well and the daily updates are the best.

I began by studying the spreadsheet of all the past trades and that made me feel that I could trade the strategy with real money.

I’m winning...thanks to your experience with trading strategies that actually work.

Karin Hartman – Tampa

I signed up for your ETF rotation service several months ago. To be honest, I was hesitant to jump in for a few months and sat on the sidelines.

I read the daily reports and used a virtual account to trade the model, but was not confident enough to put money on the line.

After three months of watching the virtual account grow, I felt that I understood the model well enough to pull the trigger. I'm up over 73% and I'm committed to following the rules 100%!

Can’t thank you enough for the opportunity. A quick note to say thanks! I look forward to working with you folks.

Jim Kearny – San Jose