Refund Policy

Refund Policy: Dark Pool Trader, Double Trigger, Gravity Pullback Strategy, Prime Alpha Trader, V-Bounce Strategy, Winning With Options, and the WealthPress Report are 100% fully refundable by emailing ( if you are unsatisfied with any of these products for up to 30 days after purchase.

All programs, including Alpha Rotation, Billionaire Breakouts, Momentum Factor, Precision Profits, Profit Trends Alert, and Theta Millionaire program sales are final and do not have a trial period. No refunds are offered on those programs for any reason. An extra year of membership will be given if performance does not beat SP 500 over 12 months. Purchases for any other unlisted product are final and will not be refunded unless you can provide proof of placing the required number of trades (depending on the program) during the first 30 days from the time of your purchase. Each trade must fit the exact rules of the strategy. Please scan and email us a copy of your brokerage statements so that we can verify each trade. Once we verify that the trades fit the exact criteria of the strategy, we will issue you a refund within 14 business days. We will not issue refunds for trades taken in paper trading accounts, virtual accounts or any other type of simulated account. If proof of actual trades is not provided within 7 business days, no refund will be issued.