President Trump's longtime friend & adviser, Roger Stone is a free man!
Just days before he was scheduled to report to prison for a 3 year sentence... Trump intervened and commuted his sentence.
But hurry — there's no telling if the establishment will try to silence him again!

Today I want to show you a chart that you probably won't see published anywhere else. 

It shows a market that's extremely stretched and in a precarious spot.

With that in mind, I'm staying away from certain sectors and stocks over the next few weeks, including this massive tech giant.

And that's my warm up. I’m also covering:

  • What’s next for the Nasdaq 100.

  • Are technology and momentum stocks cooling off?

  • #1 income trade of 2020.

P.S. Saturday, Rob Booker went live to answer questions about Automatic Income. 

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And to help you get started, Rob gave away his #1 trade.

If you missed Saturday’s event, don't worry. Rob just made a replay available.  

The only catch is that the page is coming down today at midnight. 

So if you want the details of his system and his #1 stock pick…