I’ve used my 10 elite factors to narrow down my #1 stock for 2019.
...but if you simply grab this stock and don’t understand how to trade it, you could be doomed.
After countless hours of research and testing, I’ve narrowed down the 8,000+ stock factors into 10 building blocks of a “Lightning Stock”..
If you know these factors, you’ll have the ability to spot moves on options of 1,453%... 679%... even 2,256% BEFORE they happen.
Today, you’re getting my hot-stock pick as well as coaching on how to find more opportunities in the future.

You’re probably thinking “Roger why are you so bearish this week?!”

I’m not bearish.

I just believe the market is headed this certain direction and I’ve got to share with you my reasoning.

Watch today’s rundown to hear exactly where I think the markets are heading and why’s it’s important we pay attention…