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It's up and down all over. Just when we thought there was traction and support in the markets, they all came tumbling down. What hasn't been in the news this week? Seems like anything that could be going on, is going on... Tariffs, trade war, campaigning, Hong Kong, Europe slump, inverted yield curve... it's non-stop and it's too much for most traders to keep up with... so let's catch you up.

The SPY (and the rest of the world) fell hard. Bad news from Europe early this morning was in part due to the slow down, as well as what is referred to as the "inverted yield curve" which if you're not familiar with that, let me play for you my short video I put together this morning before the open.

The $VIX soared today (as expected) and is now back about the 20 level - it's been bouncing back and forth just like the markets. The Call Put ratio is at a neutral state at the moment. Gold is up, bonds are up, and yesterday the markets were up. So where do we invest in times like these?

Well a lot of people go to cash, or something safe with a low rate of return... which is fine, and I'm not going to tell you what to do with your money. But here's what I'm expecting...

Tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a bounce back in the market - but not overly bullish. By the time I'm up tomorrow to look at the markets (around 4am) I'll have a good gauge for what kind of day we'll have... how is that? 

I always, always look at international markets before even thinking about looking at the U.S., and those give me a taste of international market sentiment. Trump alone could come out and say something to push the markets higher, but I wouldn't be surprised if we are fighting off some bearish sentiment from Europe and China.

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Today I don't want to give you any picks - because I'm not sure if all the thousands of traders reading this will be able to combat the emotion that some trades may put you through in volatile markets like this... Instead, I want you to do what I'm doing and watch the markets.

See where the smart money is playing. The 30 minutes going into the close today should give you an idea of where the smart big money sits on the U.S. markets, but look tomorrow morning too at what's happening across the world.

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Talk to you tomorrow,

Roger Scott