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My #1 priority as WealthPress’ Senior Trader is to help you make money in the market — no matter the opportunity or where it comes from.

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Lance — an ex-hedge fund trader that specializes in emerging markets — is making a killing trading pot stocks right now. But it should get a whole lot more lucrative very soon thanks to two Federal bills that are making their way through congress and are expected to pass this year.

There are billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines ready to move into marijuana companies as soon as that happens. Thanks to certain laws in the books, many of the largest Wall St. firms have stayed away from the sector… but that will change soon.

Simply put, there’s too much money to be made for Wall St. to ignore this sector.

Analysts estimate the U.S. marijuana market at around $11 billion right now. But that figure is expected to more than double by 2022. And that’s still just the beginning. We could see the cannabis market hit $78 billion — 7x growth from today — in the next few years. 

I often tell you we have a big trading advantage over massive, institutional investors. 

This is a perfect example of that. It’s like front-running Wall St. We don’t have the same red tape they do or so much money to invest that we’ll move the market. Being small and nimble has its advantages — especially when trading smaller companies.  

And with the help of Lance — an industry insider with a history of making 980%, 551%, and 400% trading pot stocks —  we’ll know exactly which companies should benefit the most from the inflow of billions of dollars.

Make sure you register now so you don’t miss this one-time event. It’s all happening tomorrow at noon EST.

Not only will you get Lance’s #1 pot stock, but he’s going to show you his top 3 strategies for capturing massive gains. Plus, he will stick around to answer any questions you may have.

See you tomorrow!

Roger Scott