Did you get in on these lightning trades??

Last week I brought back my #1 strategy and gave you an opportunity to get in on four new trades. Here’s an update on those positions:

Lightning Trades











Every single position is up, and we’ve made 68% on average in just a few days!

How are these gains possible? Well, I worked on Project Lightning for years, and in some ways, my entire career. The goal was to identify what market and company-specific factors are responsible for massive stock moves.

I investigated 9,572 possible market factors that could explain why some stocks unexpectedly skyrocket. And I was able to boil it down to 10 factors that matter.

Check them out:

And while whittling down from 9,572 market factors 10 was critical, it wasn’t the hardest part. I’ve created profitable systems in the past that focuses on one of these factors at a time. Just looking at volume or relative strength can be powerful, if you know what you’re doing.

My real breakthrough was being able to use ALL 10 FACTORS at the same time, in one system. It optimizes the factors that matter for each stock for thousands of securities and then ranks them based on expected return. 

As you can see, the system is working as designed. And we just issued a new batch of trades -- it’s not too late for you to get in on them. If history is any guide, these trades could deliver triple-digit gains by the end of February.

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