Within 60 days, this moonshot will be over
And we could be up 981%, 1,893% or even 2,265%
So, what’s the pick? (Roger Scott’s live trades STILL have a 100% success rate, so you might want to pay attention.)

Hey, gang. I’ve got big news. We need to talk small-cap stocks — immediately. 

In today’s video, I’ll tell you what’s happening, why it’s so important right now (hint: it’s all about movement), and what you need to do to take advantage of the situation. 

First and foremost, a 90-day window is opening right now that will transfer trillions of dollars into what I call “Overnight Fortune” stocks. 

If history repeats itself, these stocks should deliver abnormally large returns in just a few days or weeks.

This is why we’re so interested in small caps right now. You simply can’t do this with the blue chips that boring investors own. 

In this market, there’s no time to lose … and I bet you won’t see my top pick anywhere else.