My Top Market Predictions + Specific
Trading Instructions


From the first trading session of the year until now, the S&P has shot up 28.47% … one of the strongest years in history.

You could have made hundreds of thousands of dollars this past year…

Some people made millions. But, why didn’t you?

Every once in a while there’s the lucky guy who throws money at the markets like it’s a slot machine and hits it big…

That’s the person you DON’T want to be, because 99 times out of 100, you’ll be on the losing end of that strategy.

Or you could be the guy who just hands wealth management off to someone who can make you a modest 5-6% return a year…

But think about it…

Your financial planner gets paid to hold your money and protect it… actually growing your money faster than the S&P is an afterthought…

And it’s something most money managers were never even taught to do.

No one cares about your money more than you.

So that’s what brought me to my unique Turning Point 2020 proposition.

It’s the New Year opportunity to take your finances into your own hands… start growing your account at the rate YOU want… and jump ahead of the curve, so that nothing catches you by surprise.

At the end of this write up, you’re going to get the chance to make every other “fund manager” in the world look like a laughing stock compared to you.

  • If you think you can close your eyes and throw a dart on the stock market to get rich, then you don’t have proper expectation.
  • If you think it’d be smart to put 100% of your savings on one single trade, then you’re setting yourself up to be broke .
  • If trading for you is just gambling, then I’d prefer not to work with you.

I take trading extremely seriously.

It’s how I grew a fund of $20 million into over $740 million.

It’s how I made over $1 million in a four hour car ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

It’s how I’m able to live a stress-free life and be retired at such a young age.

And you can have that too… but you have to listen to every word I’m about to share.

If you don’t have the intentions of doing what it takes to become a great trader, one who can double the account within a matter of weeks, then please just close this page now - I don’t want to waste your time.

However, if you’re willing to do what it takes to win in 2020 (and it’s really not much), then I will show you how you could turn every $1,000 into $68,273 from one of the simplest trading approaches known to man.

Before I get into my Top Trading Predictions for 2020, let me do a quick 2019 year in review.

In January of 2019, my timing indicators perfectly alerted me to the bottom of what I called the “Mother of All Pullbacks”

When everyone was flash selling - I was all-out buying, and alerting my subscribers to do so as well… and the result for our traders was absolutely what I had envisioned… pure profits.

“Thanks Roger Scott...
You made me over $30,000”


“I’ve just signed up and recently placed my first trades. I am up $3,100 at the moment!”


“Having been with you I’ve gained $100,000 in 3 months.”


“It was a fortunate day indeed when I found your service. I am up $24,000 in a couple months”


“I’ve watched your presentation several times… your recommendations from your presentations resulted in a very high 280% gain… first day profit of $6,000!”


As a matter of fact.. In this 2019 year alone, we’ve issued over 398 winning trades totalling to a 16,486% return on your investment.

So next time your financial advisor says, “you should be happy with 6% return”, just know that’s not good enough.

Because as long as we live in an open market economy, there’s daily opportunity for profits like these:

PLEASE NOTE: Those are real, issued trades from 2019 that you could have profited from if you had listened to my instruction.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe you didn’t know me back in January of last year… Maybe you didn’t know me even a month ago when we we’re making $4 million all-time highs in one of our portfolios.

That’s fine. And it’s understandable as to why you may have missed out on the 16,486% return … but now there’s no excuse.

Looking at the trades above - and my historic prediction - there’s nothing you can do but wish you were there for the announcement.

We can’t go back in time, and have you place those trades alongside, and make the money you always dreamed of.

As much as I wish I could do that for you, I simply can’t… but here’s what I can do.

I’m going to lay out my Turning Point 2020 blueprint to make you as much money as I possibly can.

Today, I’m going to give you the #1 Sector for 2020 + the #1 Stock.

Next, I’ll be sharing with you the top strategy for the upcoming year (and how simple it is)

Then, you’re going to get your shot at taking every $1,000 and turning it into over $68,273… and I expect you to take that shot.

But before I hand out the goods, you need to understand my Major Predictions for 2020.

#1 - We’re looking at a MAJOR bull market (and it’s not done).

You think we’re at a market top? I don’t. This historic run is NOT over and here’s why:

  • The Federal Reserve is making major asset purchases (and keeping interest rates low) Not only will this keep the interest rates low, but it will flood the market with new money to invest elsewhere. When money shifts out of T-Bills and bonds, it’s almost guaranteed to go right into the unbeatable stock market. With more liquidity added to the markets, we can expect increasing prices.
  • Corporate Earnings are set to spike 2019 was a historic earnings year, with massive gains following upbeat earnings announcements… 2020 will be even better - Goldman Sachs is calling for a 10% increase in EPS for the coming year. Increasing profits and outperforming EPS announcements will pump steroids into the market.
  • 5G is officially set to unleash $12.3 Trillion in economic activity Right now (and if you’ve seen on TV during commercials) 5G has officially begun it’s Phase One of rolling out across the United States. There’s been much anticipation around the power of 5G - and what we’ve seen is only the beginning… ready for full functioning A.I. and self driving cars? Buckle up for 2020

#2 - Gold and Bonds will slump off during 2020

Over the 2019 late summer months, we saw spikes in gold and the bond market.

Gold made it up to the $1,500 level and for a while now “chart readers” have been predicting it to breakout above that level.

Let me get past all the fluff here. Chart reading on gold doesn’t mean jack.

Gold and bonds have an inverse relationship with the market.

As long as stocks are screaming “Higher! Higher!” then gold is going to have a hard time going anywhere.

Gold and bonds are highly correlated assets… so if one’s going down, odds are so is the other.

Don’t hear me wrong … there is absolutely a time and season to be swing trading these, but 2020 isn’t a “buy and hold” year for either asset.

2020 is all about the S&P… which leads me to my last and most important prediction.

#3 - Technical Indicators to fail, Sectors to reign

If you’re a big technical indicator trader, guess what, I’ve got news…

As the markets become more and more efficient with artificial intelligence, technology advances, and automated trading machines, you’ll see technical indicators becoming less and less accurate (until they are adapted to the new markets).

Take Q4 of 2019 for example… every technical indicator was screaming “overbought”, “don’t buy”, or “short the market” … and they were dead wrong.

If you put your faith in technicals this last quarter, you honestly probably lost money while the markets were going up.

The time of the S&P Sector domination is here. Let me explain. (*IMPORTANT*).

If you were trading in 2017, odds are you could pick any stock on the exchange and it’d be going up. It was nearly impossible to pick a loser… today it’s completely different.

Not all stocks go up when the market does… here’s a snapshot of the S&P heat map from

(please remember this heat map as I will reference it later)

I think you’re smart enough where I don’t need to explain what the green and red mean… but what this picture holds is an entire picture of what the S&P is actually doing - how the 500 stocks are actually trading.

Here’s where you need to start taking notes…

The S&P 500 is broken up into 11 Sectors:

  • Technology
  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Consumer Staples
  • Materials
  • Utilities
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Industrials

Now on any given day, one of these sectors is leading the pack, and one is lagging the pack.

For example…

The S&P could be up 1%, but the Finance sector is up 2% and the Utilities sector is flat at 0%.

Which of the three would you want to invest in?

  • S&P at 1% return
  • Utilities at 0% return
  • Finance at 2% return

Obviously, you’d pick the one with the greatest return - Finance!

Here’s the beauty of knowing and trading sectors…

You can cut the dead weight, and ride the strongest horses.

Imagine if the S&P makes 10% in 2020…

That’s a combination of massive gains in sum sectors and strong losses in others…

And it all averages out to that 10% overall return.

Here’s a tip - cut the dead weight - trade the strongest horses.

During my years as a hedge fund manager, I spent tons of time testing and figuring out ways to refine my trading… and one of them turned into a complex formula that could accurately predict which sectors would be the strongest horse.

Here’s a screenshot from the system I built:

It takes over 329 details into account before spitting out the very best sectors to be trading in and the worst ones - ones to avoid.

Now I’ve ran thousands and thousands of tests with this formula, and the result is clear. As long as I re-run my formula 2 times a month, then my account should be able to grow along with the strong sectors.

And to my amazement, the formula was spot on… from 2010 until today, by utilizing this formula, my model portfolio has a 73.64% accuracy rating and a $11.91 profit factor.

What’s profit factor? That means for every $1 risked, I’m getting back $11.91 in profit.

An $11.91 profit factor is HUGE.

If that doesn’t grab your attention enough, my formula has taken every $10,000 and made $682,739.80 in profit…

All by refreshing a computer system two times a month.

For the last decade, this formula has been like a “money printing” machine for me.

Literally… for just 30 minutes in an entire month, I can be an unparalleled trader (and get paid like it too).

That’s why I said at the beginning, if you can master this formula, you can make every single “financial planner” look like a laughing stock…

How? Because they’re lucky to make the 28.47% the S&P made in an entire year… while we’re averaging 43.29% return per win (and that’s just in 14 days time).

This is where trading gets juicy…

Let’s talk about why sector trading is the best way to trade in 2020.

In December of this past year, U.S. and China announced Phase One of the trade deal…

The markets shot up (as expected) … BUT the sector that’s most correlated with the U.S. and China deal actually went down.

That’s right… the Technology sector fell upon the good news. Why? WHO KNOWS!

In a logical, perfect world - the Technology sector would have been leading the charge following the news… but it didn’t… and I couldn’t have cared less.

Instead of trying to figure out why Technology didn’t go up, I was just following my formula…

And while everyone was concerned about Tech, I was up 72.1% trading the Finance Sector & up 55.2% in the Health Care Sector (oh and a gain in the Consumer Staples Sector too).

NOTE: Again, this is a 14 day trade.. It doesn’t take an entire year to get these kinds of returns - and that’s the beauty of sector trading.

And it all comes from this formula: dxt=θ(μ−xt)dt+σdWt

John Bogle calls this formula – “The iron rule of the financial markets.”

The Wall Street Journal says “It’s the most powerful law” in stocks.

Every two weeks it predicts which sectors will win and lose.

And if you’re a mathematician you could probably figure it out...

But really you don’t even have to know what it means.

Here’s why… when I run the formula it specifically spits out the strongest three sectors to be in… and then it shows me the very worst sector to be bullish in.

So what I do is I assemble a Profit Cluster.

That means we can perfectly pair together the three most likely sectors to go up in the S&P and hedge ourselves by taking a short position on the weakest sector (so if the market falls, we’re protected).

Here’s an example:

My formula had us taking Technology, Industrials, and Discretionary long - and hedging the Profit Cluster with Utilities… and we were able to have portfolio growth of 23.7% in 2 weeks.

Here’s what happened the following Profit Rotation…

Literally within two weeks we had shifted the balance of the portfolio… we were now long Energy, Technology and Discretionary and short Consumer Staples...

And what was the result? A nice 56.5% return on the investment… in 2 weeks time.

Want to know what happened on the next rotation?

Our positions didn’t really change at all! We just followed the formula…

And the result? Another double digit portfolio gain - 31.2% on our money in just 2 weeks!

Within SIX WEEKS you could have made a compounded return of 153.9% on investment.

That’s about how much the S&P has made in the last SIX YEARS.

But maybe the broad markets were just stronger then? Maybe we would have tumbled if the S&P tumbled… not so fast… here’s what routinely happens when the markets fall:

All of our LONG positions went down… a significant amount too… but with our perfectly designed Power Hedge we still made a pretty significant 37.6% return on our investment…

In short…

With the Profit Cluster, the more the S&P earns, the more we can make…

And with the Power Hedge, the more the S&P loses, the more we can make...

As one of our subscribers said, it’s truly a “Win-Win” strategy.


It’s really a perfect strategy already… and it’s worked absolute wonders on our portfolio.

Get a glimpse of this screenshot from our track performance tracker sheet:

That’s pure fact. Straight off our trade tracker sheet.

  • 73.6% accuracy
  • $11.91 profit for every $1 risked
  • 43.29% average gain

Most traders would be absolutely thrilled with those results…

But I’m always trying to improve and one-up my past performance…

So here’s what I did. Remember this guy?

I’ve begun pairing my Profit Clusters and Power Hedge with the Perfect Pick…

And it’s so easy that you can do it too…

I take my #1 Sector given to me by the formula dxt=θ(μ−xt)dt+σdWt and then I use my proprietary momentum formula to generate the 1 stock in 500 stocks that’s most likely to go haywire over the next 2 weeks…

If you’re looking at the picture above, for example we would be in the Industrials Sector + I would have selected Boeing Airlines (BA) as the pick.

And I call that stock pick the Perfect Pick - it’s a Sector Momentum Stock that fits in perfectly with the sector selections…

It’s like adding Nitrous Oxide to jet fuel… the most explosive trading cluster on the planet.

With wins on single S&P stocks like these…

For the last 9 years I have kept this bit of my trading a complete secret…

I’ve only issued the sector trades (which were extremely powerful), and tested adding the NO2 to the cluster.

But now in my Turning Point 2020 blueprint, I’m adding in the Sector Momentum Stocks for the first time ever.

That means every two weeks I’m not only trading the strongest sectors, but also the strongest stock in the entire S&P 500 universe.

And for the first time ever, you can too.

Without further adieu, here’s my #1 Sector for 2020 + my #1 Stock Pick

  • Top S&P Sector: XLY - Consumer Discretionary
  • Top S&P Stock: AAPL - Apple Inc.

I’m about to be frank with you…

You’ll be lucky to make even 28.3% return on your money with just those two picks…

While I truly, truly do think those are the best two in the S&P right now, according to my formula things change - every two weeks to be exact..

And that’s why I’m about to give you the chance to take control of your own trading.

The people who are the most successful in life, the Fortune 500 CEOs, the famous entrepreneurs, they were all people who were willing to take action in their own life.

They weren’t OK with just being OK. They wanted to be great.

If you’ve made it this far in my Turning Point 2020 blueprint, I have a hunch that you’re that kind of trader… the one that knows passive investing is NOT how millions are made.

And because you’re one of those traders, just like me, I want to reward you for taking the first step.

Today - I’m unlocking access to my Alpha Rotation Premium Trading program to you…

That means every two weeks you’re going to get:

  • My top S&P Sectors - and they might not be what the crowd is picking
  • My worst S&P Sector - the one for the Power Hedge in your portfolio
  • Both the ETF and options criteria for these four picks

But that’s not it… you won’t be satisfied with just the picks… I want you to have my in-depth training too… so you’ll also be receiving:

The Alpha Rotation.

Strategy crash course - it’s an easy to follow video series that I host going over the entire Sector strategy.

Maximize Option Profits report

My bonus report on how to leverage up to 10X gains by picking the best options.

Monthly LIVE Market Q&A Call

This is a true coaching session, I’ll be answering your questions live, and giving my market outlook every single month

You’ll also have full access to my team… as a premium member to my Turning Point 2020 service, I want you to have all the luxuries I have:

Email and SMS bi-weekly trading alerts

You’ll never miss a trade with these!

My personal private help hotlist

You’ll get the information of my team members to contact them immediately if they need help.

Access to my Trade Staff

You’ll be able to ask my trade team anything! From how to enter a trade to why we pick the trades we do, you’ll have complete .


You’re also getting the brand NEW Sector Momentum Stock & Options criteria in every single cluster… trades like these:

This has never been issued before - it’s completely new with the Turning Point 2020 package.


I was told by my team to offer this entire Turning Point 2020 package at a price of $4,997…

After all, Alpha Rotation lifetime has never been available (ever) for cheaper than $2,994 on it’s own - and that doesn’t even include the Sector Momentum Pick…

But I told my team… the traders who sign up for Turning Point 2020 are the traders we need more of in the world.

They’re the hard working people who know that success and fortunes aren’t just handed, they’re earned…

That’s been my mindset throughout my life… whether it’s been from growing up in a low income family in LA, to getting through law school, to becoming a professional hedge fund manager, to living the life I do today… I’ve always been one to take it on my shoulders to become successful.

And I have a hunch that you’re pretty similar to that…

So I wanted to reward you… and get you set up to make 2020 the most profitable year of trading yet…

I don’t want you to be a market gambler, nor do I want you to settle for 6%... you deserve to be in with the group that can take every $1,000 and turn it into over $68,273

And no, I’m not charging you the retail price of $4,997…

It’s actually nowhere near that price… not for you.

I told you at the beginning of this that I’d give you your shot to make every “fund manager” in the world look like laughing stock… well, here’s your chance.

There’s never been a better time to take trading into your own hands, and there may never be a better opportunity than this.

2020 is the Year of the S&P Sector - and I want you to join me.

(or else be left on the sidelines with a $60 return on your $1,000)

Please don’t hesitate.. This page will be redirected with this clock strikes 00:00:00.


All the best,

Roger Scott
Alpha Rotation

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