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Hey Traders, 

I want to share with you all two of my favorite cannabis stocks that also happen to be two of the best pot stocks to trade right now! 

The first is Village Farms International (VFF) and I’m making money on it as we speak. 

Now, when asked about cannabis, most traders assume it’s part of the retail sector, marijuana finance, or medical cannabis… And almost no one thinks of cannabis as a technology company. 

However, VFF is and the technology side of cannabis stocks is one of the most exciting sectors. 

Another one of my all time favorite cannabis stocks is GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH). 

GWPH is one of the old school cannabis stocks – what I like to call the Apple (AAPL) of Cannabis, based out of the UK. 

GWPH is a leader and always has been within the cannabis sector, so if you’re looking for a long-term cannabis company, GWPH is it. 

Lance Ippolito

The Future of Wealth

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