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TOLD YOU: Colonial Pipeline Un-Hacked Early, and Inflation is Bad

Not to brag or anything, but I like to think I’m pretty decent at my job. Just like I said on Monday regarding the Colonial Pipeline hack, “the near-term result is shaping up to be a small media-induced panic, and that could cause gasoline futures to rise far further than […]
gasoline pipeline hack

How to Play the Gasoline Pipeline Hack

If you’re watching the news today, you’ve likely heard of the gasoline pipeline hack Friday afternoon. For those who somehow missed it, the largest refined fuel pipeline in the country — the Colonial Pipeline — was the victim of a ransomware cyber attack and remains largely shut down. The pipeline, […]
gasoline pipeline hack

Remembering a Day the Earth Stood Still

On April 26, 1986 radiation alarms went off at the Forsmark Nuclear Plant in a remote Swedish village. Yet nothing was out of the ordinary at the plant, no malfunctions, no issues to speak of. The radiation must have come from somewhere else. Which would be very strange because Forsmark […]

The April Jobs Report Looks Better… But Inflation Is Still Accelerating

Thursday morning’s employment data was certainly encouraging to the market. Initial claims fell to a new pandemic low — coming in well under expectations at 498,000. And while continuing claims came in a little higher than anticipated, total persons claiming unemployment actually fell by a roughly equal amount. Source: Bloomberg […]

Bad Doge: Forget About Dogecoin and Interest Rates — Do This Instead

Another week, another media freak out. Now, I know that it’s the job of financial news to attract our attention and direct it.  But for once — just once — I wish they would attract our attention to something constructive. Today, they’re apparently concerned with making us get FOMO over […]
gasoline pipeline hack

Cartel Conspiracy and the Silver Massacre

Superior in luster, value and perception, gold is the king of metals. Silver has always played second fiddle to its big brother. The “gentleman’s metal” has a natural tendency to go under the radar compared to gold. And it’s also likely why it’s been the target of many more conspiracies, […]

Tesla, Inflation and Back-to-Work Trades Dominate News Cycle — Ignore the Narratives

Here we go again. It’s been about a month since the media was out there forcing narratives — remember the Suez Ship? — but it’s starting to happen again. Tesla’s earnings last night kicked off a flurry of media activity. And I get it. When Elon Musk sells Bitcoin, games […]
gasoline pipeline hack

The World Is Sleeping on Commodities: 4 Things to Watch Closely

I’ve had people from all walks of life ask me questions on this sector in the last two months. And the number of questions, along with the number of people asking them, is astounding. “Have you bought Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Cardano…?” These are people fixing my hot water tank, that […]

Netflix Subs Are Slowing Big Time… Do We Buy the Dip?

As a publication, Venture Society is designed for people who are searching for a deeper understanding of how and why financial markets behave the way they do. In general, we gravitate toward people who like to “look under the hood” and see how everything is interconnected.  And the way we […]