Within 60 days, this moonshot will be over
And we could be up 981%, 1,893% or even 2,265%
So, what’s the pick? (Roger Scott’s live trades STILL have a 100% success rate, so you might want to pay attention.)

Hey Traders, 

As most of you already know, the markets are constantly changing and everyday we have new and unique opportunities to make as much money as possible… 

However, lately the markets have been rough for traders due to Fed data, the idea of lowering or raising interest rates, low volume, and the Trump vs. China trade war. 

But don’t worry… I have a method that’ll help you with all of this market madness. 

In today’s lesson, I’m going to breakdown step-by-step how I examine, monitor, and trade the stock market everyday from the opening to closing bell. 

Lance Ippolito
The Future of Wealth