Today I wanted to take a few minutes to explain one general misconception [especially among new traders]…

Most traders fail to realize that the company’s market capitalization should be the key consideration when evaluating any stock. 

As a matter of fact, a company’s market capitalization should be the key consideration when you’re evaluating any stock since it reveals the real value of a company.

And you can easily discover a company’s market cap by multiplying its per-share price by its total number of outstanding shares.

This number gives you the complete value of the company or what it would cost to buy the entire company on the open market.

So, what does market capitalization tell you?

It gives you a starting point for evaluation and in today’s video, I’m going to show you how you can use market capitalization to make potential profits in your trading.

And starting today – you could be at the forefront of Wall Street’s fastest trades [even specific small-cap stocks] that could transfer millions of dollars into your trading account.

Here’s the most exciting part: this system finds the best stocks on the Russell 2000 every Monday – that means you’ll have brand-new trades every week!

As you can see we’re on the brink of some enormous trades…