I knew Rob Booker, Lance, and Josh were ballsy but… I didn’t think they would take it THIS far!
They're giving away their “New Money Monitor”... on CAMERA. I am at a loss for words.
This is the same system that Lance used to earn his followers 1,250% with one trade!

Jeff Zananiri here! 

Roger is missing in action, so I’ve decided to put together today’s daily video (special treat inside).

Let’s cut right to the chase...

It’s a stock picker’s market. That means money is flowing straight from the Fed to the best winners in the market. 

However, not everyone is going to win. 

That’s why I want to bring this to your attention, along with one consumer stock I’ve been eyeballing lately. Here’s your chance to see what this stock can do for YOU... 

P.S. Roger Scott is onto something HUGE! 

And if his instincts are correct, he’s found the key to a “Triple Trigger” setup worth at least $3.43 million in trading profits. 

Decades ago, the man who amassed a $200 million fortune from just 400 bucks vanished -- along with ALL of his money-making secrets. 

No one’s been able to crack his strategy… until now! 

Roger may have found the missing piece...