Wednesday, October 21st @ 8PM Eastern

How to Pick the Next Tech Giant!

Wednesday, October 21st at 8pm EST, market professional and Future of Wealth founder, Lance Ippolito sits down with WPTV’s Jeff Yastine to help you learn how to get in on the next tech giant, before they start growing!

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Many investors look back on past trades and missed opportunities, dreaming what could have been if they had only moved on a particular stock before it took off! Could you imagine getting into Apple BEFORE their rise to fame? What about investing in TESLA when no one knew who Elon Musk was? These specific opportunities have long gone, but market expert Lance Ippolito is joining Jeff Yastine on WPTV this Wednesday, October 21st at 8pm EST to discuss the best ways a trader can sift through all the noise in the market and pick out the next potential tech giant BEFORE they begin to profit!

Now is your chance to learn how you could get in on the ground floor of what could be a major opportunity!

If you’re interested in making money and learning how you could use your market knowledge to profit from future tech giants, then make sure to mark your calendar for this Wednesday, October 21st at 8pm EST for another exciting episode of WPTV!

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10/21/2020 @ 8PM EST

Lance Ippolito

10/28/2020 @ 8PM EST

Roger Scott

Get to know our professional
traders + investors…

Lance Ippolito

Lance is an ex-hedge fund trader who specializes in making large amounts of money in short periods of time. Young and laid-back and it comes across in his videos. He’s very informal, very personable and LOVES FISHING!

James West

James is a self-taught writer, investor, and armchair economist. He could do a long term mining investment one day, then try a paired hedge in energy ETNs the next. He tends to go where the action is and looks to uncover hidden investment gems - having personally made multiple hundreds of thousands on his investments.

Roger Scott

Roger Scott has 26 years of professional trading experience having managed over $900 million in investor capital. He’s traded everything from corn futures to stock options and ETFs. Roger’s most well known for taking his hedge fund from $20 million into roughly $740 million. His clients have included one of the 10 wealthiest families on Earth. Being a systems trader, he firmly believes in having hedges and using back-tested, proven strategies to beat the market.

Josh Martinez

Joshua is entrepreneurial, used to flip scrap cars and comes from a trading family. He’s very persistent. He started out trading Forex pairs at night, and his trading results have been published and audited. His attitude toward trading is to never give up, be motivated and be bold and courageous.

Tom Busby

Tom has been a professional securities trader and broker since the late 1970’s, and founded the ​Diversified Trading Institute (“DTI”) in 1996. He actively trades and invests in stocks and options. He’s made guest appearances on CNN, First Business News, and Steve Crowley’s American Scene Radio.

Jeff Zananiri

A reformed NY Wall St. hotshot, Jeff went 10 straight years without a losing quarter and once made $1 million on one trade in 30 minutes. He came from a hedge fund background and it shows in his pairs trade strategy. The strategy works by going long and short on two “linked” stocks or ETFs. The idea is to go long a stock you think will outperform the stock you short.

Marin Katusa

Marin built his reputation and large personal fortune by knowing when to buy investments only he knows how to find. He’s not just an investor, Marin is an active player in the financial world. He’s sat on the board of a publicly traded company and has arranged over $1 billion in financings.

Rob Booker

While in law school, all Rob wanted to do was trade the financial markets. The day after he finished school, he went to work for a law firm and lasted about five minutes. Rob’s an internationally published #1 bestselling author. He’s been featured on CNBC and quoted by The New York Times. He’s also the host of the Trader's Podcast

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