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The Next Unicorn Tech Stock Is Here

WealthPress TV has just made history: For the first time ever, market professional and Future of Wealth founder Lance Ippolito sits down with WPTV’s Jeff Yastine to help you learn how to get in on the next tech giant before it starts growing! Lance has been incredibly fortunate to make […]
Stock Market Update

Stock Market Update: Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020

Wall Street closed higher following solid economic news and positive signs over a deal on new coronavirus stimulus — and more in Thursday’s stock market update. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., signaled once again that Democrats and the White House are making progress on negotiations. However, White House economic advisor […]
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Try This Holiday 2020 Stock for the Christmas Season

Christmas isn’t quite in the air. But the holiday shopping season is right around the corner… and it’s never too early to think about how this time of year affects the stock market.   So what exactly will the end of the year bring for Wall Street? And what holiday 2020 […]

Stock Market Update

Stock Market Update: Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020

Wall Street closed higher following solid economic news and positive signs over a deal on new coronavirus stimulus — and more in Thursday’s stock market update. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., signaled once again that Democrats and the White House are making progress on negotiations. However, White House economic advisor […]
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Global Stocks Open Lower on Lack of US Economic Aid

Global stock markets and U.S. futures slipped this morning as investors wait for signs that Democrats and Republicans could deliver more economic aid before the Nov. 3 presidential election.  On Wednesday, the S&P 500 lost 0.2% as U.S. political leaders quarreled over implementing a fresh economic stimulus package after the […]
Stock Market Update

Stock Market Update: Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020

Wall Street struggled after trading on both sides of the ledger and in tighter ranges as stimulus uncertainty continues to weigh on sentiment — and more in Wednesday’s stock market update. Both sides of the political aisle say progress has been reached over the past 24 hours, with a deal […]

Global Stocks Subdued in Final Attempt to Yield Stimulus Deal

Global stock markets are subdued this morning even though a number of reports indicate strong earnings results for the quarter. The culprit? Concerns that Democrats and Republicans will fail to deliver more U.S. economic aid before Nov. 3.  Talks on a massive COVID-19 relief package experienced a setback when U.S. […]


The No. 1 Trading Card Stock to Buy

The world of collectable trading cards seems to be having something of a renaissance, with certain cards worth over hundreds of thousands of dollars — and with that a rise of trading card stocks to buy has followed. Investing in the right collectable cards could have you seeing twice the […]
Biotech Stocks to Buy 

2 Booming Biotech Stocks to Buy

Now, more than ever, the biotech sector is booming — flooding the stock market with stocks to buy. Every October kicks off a string of major biotech conferences… Not only in the U.S. but across the world. Twenty-one different conferences are slotted over the next four weeks in the U.S. alone. […]

AppHarvest SPAC Will Revolutionize American Agriculture

Tuesday was a significant day for the future of agriculture as AppHarvest announced plans to join the Nasdaq and become a publicly traded company via a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, deal. AppHarvest will attain its listing after merging with SPAC Novus Capital Corp. (Nasdaq: NOVS).  AppHarvest is a […]

The Last Hope for Banks

Traders, we have got to sit down and take a moment to talk about those d*** banks. Some nights I wake up and think, “If only the banks would grace us with their presence and actually participate in the rally!” But alas, they will not.  Here’s my take: Banking stocks […]


Has Warren Buffett Lost his Touch?

This is a new era in stock market investing. What worked historically in Warren Buffett’s day, may not be the best strategy in today’s market. The billionaire investor sold airlines at the worst possible time, has little tech names in his portfolio and holds onto bank stocks such as Wells Fargo […]

Powerhouse Democrat Linked to Corruption, Bribery Scandal

Another day, another top Democrat facing some serious charges. Yet, the mainstream media is doing its best to keep it under wraps.  You probably haven’t heard of the latest top Democrat facing a mountain of trouble… but you should. Because he’s been a mainstay in the Democratic Party for decades […]

RIGGED?! Veteran Pollster Reveals 2020 Election Cover-Up

The race is on for the next President of the United States. And if you believe what the polls are showing you, then you believe that President Donald Trump is WAY DOWN to his challenger Joe Biden. But one veteran pollster says… NOT SO FAST! As first reported by Newsmax, […]

Trump Needs This ‘Bizarre’ Demographic to Win 2020

Think back to the 2016 presidential election for a moment… You had your die-hard liberals that voted for Hillary Clinton… and you had your loyal conservatives that easily cast their vote for Donald Trump. But there was also another group of voters out there… and they singlehandedly decided the outcome […]

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Lessons from Warren Buffett’s Latest Investment

The story in markets this week is the same story it’s been since the bottom in March… Autopilot to the upside. That’s not without certain catalysts that would have normally applied downwards pressure – with COVID cases rising and the U.S. GDP data missing targets. All indicators pointing to a correction, eventually. […]
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The Dethroning of the US Dollar

There used to be 3 things you could be certain of: Death, taxes and the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. But is the US Dollar’s recent weakness the beginning of the end? Many “YouTube experts”, investors that can fog a mirror and self-proclaimed gurus have jumped on this […]
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Stew On This: Data Shows Economic Trends Take a Long Time to Cook

As I was wandering around on the “interwebs” the other night, I happened to run across an ad for new short-form streaming service Quibi. In it, a staggering number of celebrities wearing hastily made costumes on haphazardly fashioned “sets” were re-enacting one of my all-time favorite movies, The Princess Bride. I’m fighting off […]
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Bet You Didn’t See This One Coming…

A few months back, Zoom dealt with a scandal or problem where they weren’t securing webinar links enough. That means people were jumping into random meetings and “Zoom Bombing” users with all kinds of really strange stuff.  While Zoom took a major hit for that, something else also happened…  The […]


Global Markets Dive as Virus Cases Rise

World markets are mostly lower this morning as virus caseloads continue to surge in many countries around the globe. 

Wall Street Struggles to Sustain Gains

Much like last Friday, global markets are rather mixed this morning as the number of confirmed virus cases continues to soar to new highs. 

I’m Here to Help You Make Money!

You know me, folks... I’m an old fashioned guy and I don’t beat around the bush. I like to think my updates aren’t any different.

The Best ETFs You Need to Own Right Now

Lately, I’ve been selecting my favorite stocks to help us ride out the current economic storm, but yesterday…


What Diversifying in the Forex Markets Mean

Do you know what it means to be diverse in the forex markets? Do you know what diversification looks like in your trading portfolio?  If you want to taste any type of success while trading, you must know how to make your account as diverse as possible — especially if […]

How I Made $21,000 Trading in Less Than a Week

Time seems to be flying this year — we’re already nearing the end of October… and you know what that means… Holiday season is about to be in full-swing, and because of that the majority of America’s wallet is about to be spent. So I think now is the right […]

What To Do if You Can’t Find Any Trades

Do you ever have those days where you wake up excited to start trading, but after you go through your charts you realize that there’s not a single decent entry worth putting a trade in.  This is every investor’s worst nightmare — among a sea of infinite possibilities, not one […]

Why I’m Not Trading the Nasdaq…

If you’re like me, then you’ve been watching the Nasdaq like a hawk lately. The upcoming presidential election, the sudden halt to stimulus talks and a potential cure to the coronavirus has Wall Street turned upside down. And the Nasdaq has been no exception to this. Looking at the charts, […]


5 Trade Setups for Right Now

The stock market is all over the place right now.  But just because the market is an unpredictable mess doesn’t mean your portfolio has to be…  Just look at our five favorite trades you can make today!  Some sectors are crashing while others aren’t. However, we’ve found five big trade […]

How You Can Hone Your Trader’s Edge

Over the past month or so, we’ve featured some of the hottest stocks and sectors to help you hone your trader’s edge. But now, we want to one-up ourselves… We’re revealing our current positions! It’s not to brag about how many stocks we own at the moment, or even how […]

The Foundation of Winning Trades

This is one of the most important videos we’ve ever recorded… We’re finally getting to the bottom of  what makes a trade a winner… what the best trades have in common… and what the worst ones tend to lack. To find the answer, we had to look all the way […]

The Best Time to Trade…

The current market cycle is not only the best one we’ve ever seen for value investors, but also traders.  Thanks to the trade war with China and an upcoming U.S. presidential election, there’s a lot of economic uncertainty in the world..  That’s when the stock market gets volatile. And when […]


Pfizer’s $7.2M Trade

A vaccine for the coronavirus is upon us — or at least that’s what investors are crossing their fingers for as they continue to look for the next best COVID-19 vaccine stock to buy. Luckily it seems like we’re nearing the home stretch — big name companies like Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: […]

This E-Commerce Company’s $4 Million Trade

In this new age of self-quarantining, working-from-home and online shopping, e-commerce stocks are reaping the benefits. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people spent about $211.5 billion on e-commerce during the second-quarter. That’s a 31.8% increase from the first quarter. With e-commerce platforms now seeing a huge amount of engagement […]

WIFI: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Let me ask you something: What do you actually know about WIFI?  Wifi gives us high-speed connections (wirelessly) from the internet to our phones, computers and even TVs. But would you ever consider investing in it? Just look at Boingo Wireless (WIFI). The company looked lackluster during this summer’s tech […]

Robinhood Stock About to SURGE

Finding a good Robinhood stock makes my trading week worthwhile… but the trade I spotted today is so impressive, it just made my month. According to my charts, this beloved Robinhood stock could surge higher very soon, potentially dominating the stock market by next Friday. If it does, this $500,000 […]


Leverage: Robinhood Traders Piling into Call Options Again

Every year, there are three days that I look forward to more than any others. The first happens in mid-February, when Major League Baseball pitchers and catchers report to spring training, and the second is Opening Day. Sadly, both were disrupted this year by the outbreak of COVID-19, leaving those of us who “rely […]

Are Oil Wells Going Dry – And Is This the End of the Supermajor?

On August 27th, 1859, George Bissel and Edwin Drake changed the American petroleum industry forever. The two men were responsible for the first successful use of a drilling rig for a commercial well. Drilled especially for oil. Named the Drake well, and drilled to a whopping depth of 69 feet, […]

It’s All Relative: Banks, Funds Upbeat on Downtrodden US Economy

The hardest class I ever took in college was Physics, and it wasn’t even close. While some concepts were fairly straightforward – Newton’s Laws, for example – the mathematics underpinning them was anything but. Moreover, the successful communication of both concepts and mathematics often proved beyond the ability of mortal human professors. […]

Trump Doesn’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You?

How would you feel if you found out that the average American billionaire pays less in taxes than you do? Not just a little less. In fact, one of them has paid zero taxes in ten of the last fifteen years. In 2016 and 2017, he paid $750 a year in income taxes. […]


Stocks to Watch Ahead of Earnings

As the U.S. Presidential election approaches, Wall Street and large Hedge Funds are sitting on the sidelines as uncertainty within the stock market is at an all-time high. Polls cannot exactly be trusted – as we found out four years ago. As there isn’t a lot of trading range and […]

Forget 5G. ‘The Disruptors’ Will Turn Tech on Its Ear

This month, I launched a new product called “The Disruptors.” (Check out our shop page) I wanted to talk today about why I am so thrilled to have this new service rolling out on the WealthPress platform. I’m not just thrilled — I’m proud. Proud of the people on the WealthPress […]

Everything You Need To Know This Earnings Season

We are three weeks away from the election, President Trump is cured of COVID, and markets are looking like they could go up or down. The major catalyst within markets, therefore, is the kick-off of earnings season. Up this week are financials and the big banks. Bank stock prices haven’t […]

Sky-Fi Heralds the Launch of Internet 3.0

According to Musk himself, Elon Musk and SpaceX are planning to IPO their Star-Link Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite wi-fi service in the next few years. He also suggested that he would give access to the IPO to small retail investors, stipulating, “You can hold me to it.” While waiting […]

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