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In a new era of financial chaos, we cut through the distractions and deliver actionable intel.

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The markets can be dominated by average traders. We’ll help captain your gains with our educational content from our panel of trading professionals.

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Choose from any of our hand-picked trading professionals in the field. Each professional personality has their own style of trading to better suit your trading preference.

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Tired of fronting the research, trend analysis, portfolio diversification and risk assessment? We’ll cut your screen time so you can focus on doing the stuff you really love.

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Our publications represent 150+ years of combined market experience

We’re a Team of Trading Professionals

We believe that the opportunity for financial literacy and freedom belongs to all people, not just those who already have years of investing experience. To bridge this gap, our trading professionals are dedicated to providing educational services backed by more than a century of experience, market analysis, and big data combined.

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We Help Educate

We provide an array of educational investment services and products that will help you navigate the markets and become a better investor. Trading is made simple through our online forum full of trading techniques to give you the best tools to kick-start your investing journey.

We Believe in Radical Transparency

We aim to put Main Street back on the map and deliver quality education to our subscribers’ portfolios through radical transparency. While we can’t promise you’ll become a millionaire overnight, we’ll reveal current trends and lucrative hidden angles.

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We Offer the Best Tools

We offer weekly stock picks, webinars, courses, VIP trading, and masterclasses. No matter the opportunity, we bring together a strong community of like-minded traders to focus on analyzing market news through the investor’s eyes.