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The markets can be dominated by average traders. We’ll help captain your gains with our educational content from our panel of experts.

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Choose from any of our hand-picked experts in the field. Each expert personality has their own style of trading to better suit your trading preference.

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Tired of fronting the research, trend analysis, portfolio diversification and risk assessment? We’ll cut your screen time so you can focus on doing the stuff you really love.

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We believe that the opportunity for financial literacy and freedom belongs to all people, not just those who already have years of investing experience. To bridge this gap, our experts are dedicated to providing educational services backed by more than a century of experience, market analysis, and big data combined.

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We help educate

We provide an array of educational investment services and products that will help you navigate the markets and become a better investor. Trading is made simple through our online forum full of trading techniques to give you the best tools to kick-start your investing journey.

We believe in radical transparency

We aim to put Main Street back on the map and deliver profitable gains to our subscribers’ portfolios through radical transparency. While we can’t promise you’ll become a millionaire overnight, we’ll reveal current trends and lucrative hidden angles.

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We offer weekly stock picks, webinars, courses, VIP trading, masterclasses, and 1:1 expert advice. No matter the opportunity, we bring together a strong community of like-minded traders to focus on analyzing market news through the investor’s eyes.

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Insights and updates on trading strategy and market trends from our trusted panel of experts

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First Strike Portfolio is a weekly trading service that focuses on large-cap stocks, which Roger likes to call “STORM” stocks. Using a proprietary ranking formula, Roger’s First Strike Portfolio picks the Top 4 large-cap stocks to be in. Every Tuesday, the service will rotate its portfolio so that members are always in the best-performing companies.

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The Weekly Biltz Alerts strategy taps into “loophole” trades usually placed by those with a temporary information advantage. Also known as the “Shadow Blitz,” the service uses a proprietary scanner to uncover what “big-money” is buying. Members are then able to replicate these trades where the wins are often quite large and happen very quickly.

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In Monthly Money Flows, Jeff Zananiri identifies the stocks that the “smart money” are starting to accumulate. From that list, Jeff’s proprietary system allows him to identify the single stock with the greatest potential to outperform the market over the next 30 days. In addition to the stock recommendation, Jeff also issues an option trade on the same stock for traders looking to juice their returns.

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Option Portfolio: The Option Portfolio utilizes the PowerTrend Option System to select option trades with a high probability of success. The PowerTrend Option System has a long history of profitability in both bull and bear markets. Both bullish and bearish option positions may be established. Options may be “rolled over” when nearing expiration which enables us to reduce the cost basis and risk of the new option…

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A Note From Our Publisher

“WealthPress publishes REAL traders, not random social media stars that got a hit. They are authentic, talented and smart. Our trading experts provide variety to the financial publishing landscape as none of them are identical in personality or trading style. While they agree on some aspects, they also have their differences which provides diversity in opinion where readers get to digest a wealth of information versus just one man’s opinion. If you can be profitable with a little bit of money, you can do it with a lot. Start small… become a pro-level trader without risking everything… then over time, as you learn and grow.. you can apply profitable strategies and techniques to a much larger account with a much greater confidence.”
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