Markets Rallying, I’m Eyeing These Two Stocks

It always makes for a good day to wake up to some positive news…

Market Reacts To Overnight Developments

After seeing a 5 day rally, we have finally hit a roadblock.

[POLL] What Americans REALLY Think About Retuning to ‘Normal’ Life

As America continues to fight the long battle against the coronavirus, President Trump is promising Americans that life will return to ‘normal’ very soon. This means a plan re-opening thousands of businesses… re-open schools, parks, resorts… and loosening social distancing guidelines. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, according to the majority […]

What Will the Recovery Look Like?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen some of the biggest market moves in market history. Unfortunately for bulls, mostly to the downside. And traders want to know when it’ll end and what the recovery will look like. Unfortunately, there are still a ton of hurdles to jump through… That’s […]

The ‘I’ Word – Inflation

Let’s talk about what’s going on right now: We have a $2 trillion stimulus program in the U.S. and an unlimited quantitative easing program… What all this equals is an increase in the money supply — the end goal is to get people to start spending money again to help […]

[REVEALED] Bernie Sanders’ Plot to Destroy the Democratic Party

It’s official… Bernie Sanders is out of the 2020 presidential race. BUT, that doesn’t mean that Sanders or his socialist minions are going down without a fight. And this latest move by the Sanders team could tear apart the Democratic Party… and practically guarantee President Donald Trump’s re-election. According to […]

Midweek Market Review

We were recently given a reminder that the fastest way to dramatically improve your trading results is by reducing your trade size… It might sound counterintuitive, but you can see more improvement more quickly through reducing your trade size — it won’t stress you out. Here’s what we mean. Right […]

Market Briefing: Watch These Stocks

We’ve been saying for weeks now that this global pandemic has given way to several market opportunities, and we think we found some others… We’re loving these pharmaceutical and healthcare stocks right now for obvious reasons — they’re going to outperform just about everything else during a health crisis. However, […]


After an especially tough week, we thought we’d come to you and offer a few thoughts about the market and the things we’re paying attention to. But before that, we want to address a question a lot of traders have been asking us: How are the social network stocks holding […]