The Trump Move Even Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren Will LOVE

To say that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and President Donald Trump don’t see eye-to-eye is the understatement of the century. Especially when it comes to healthcare. Super-liberal politicians like Sanders and Warren have openly bashed Trump, claiming that he and his administration don’t care about Americans without health insurance. But […]

DOW Up 1% At End of Day, Despite Global Updates

Investors were a little nervous in the AM today as news came in that Global markets had fallen overnight.
Facebook Earnings Spread

Who Will Be First to the Finish Line?

Ready, set, go!  As the pandemic spreads to over two million people around the world, the dash to find an effective cure is on.  Investors and traders alike are closely analyzing stocks focused on crisis research, treatments, and tests…  But the course of recovery, more or less, depends on what […]

[POLL] 90% of Americans TERRIFIED of China’s Power, Influence

For decades, the Chinese government has taken advantage of countless U.S. presidential administrations. That was until President Donald Trump stepped in and put the clams down on China’s unfair trade policies with the United States. Now in the midst of the deadly coronavirus outbreak that originated in China (along with […]

Oil Goes Negative… Here’s My Thoughts

For the first time in history, oil has gone into the red and Joshua Martinez of Traders Agency is breaking down why oil markets have crashed.Join us now as Joshua explains what negative oil prices mean and what this historic move will mean for us in the future.

I’m Eyeing This Exciting Trade!

With uncertainty remaining a strong wedge in the markets... and oil prices continuing their wild swing,

Media Blackout! Joe Biden Campaign TRUMPED in Just 24 Hours

President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have become a staple to his brand and image. But with the coronavirus outbreak shutting down these high-energy gatherings, many of Trump’s enemies are predicting that the lack of live, in-person rallies will prevent him from being re-elected this November. WRONG! According to a report […]
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Two Stocks With Enormous Insider Buying

Insider buying is huge… in fact, following the “smart” money is one of the few consistent ways to gain an edge in the market.  When it comes to knowing the true value of a company, the ultimate “smart money” are insiders. And right now, insiders — like company executives — […]

Oil Prices Plummet 40%!

In a market as uncertain as the one we’re in now, things are starting to become a little more predictable.