The Fastest Growing Hedge Funds You’ve Ever Seen

Stock markets look to be falling this morning, most likely led by Hong Kong's 6% decline after China considered a bill that would limit Hong Kong’s opposition activity.

The First City of Capitalism: Silver’s Time to Shine

Powered by an intricate set of 22 dams, 140 mills churned out silver. It was an impressive feat of engineering given the time. Slaves were forced to carry 25 loads of 100-pound sacks per day. At an elevation of 13,000 feet, death was a frequent occurrence as pneumonia and respiratory […]

This Controversial Woman is DESPERATE to Be Joe Biden’s VP

By now you know that Joe Biden is adamant that he would like a woman to be his vice president should he be elected in November. From the Biden camp’s perspective, we actually understand why. He’s knee-deep in yet another sexual misconduct scandal, so having a woman as his running […]

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes: Turn and Face the “Strain”-ge

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 began, Brazil is one of the countries I have watched closely. Primarily, that’s because I have traveled there far more than any other single country – primarily through professional obligations as a natural resource and industrial analyst. Because of that experience, I have a lot […]

Your Only Warning For a Huge Profit Opportunity Today

Global markets were subdued today as investors are still waiting to see how economies are going to be affected by the reopening process.

[WATCH] William Barr Makes Major Obama Announcement…

Ask former President Barack Obama, and he continues to play dumb about the allegations of his administration spying on President Donald Trump. But Attorney General William Barr finally made a major announcement about the allegations levied against Obama and his cronies. And what he had to say will forever tarnish […]

Hypocrite! AOC Refuses to Pay Massive Tax Bill

If you look up the word ‘hypocrite’ in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ever since she was elected, the socialist darling has spent most of her time railing against the excesses of wealthy Americans and how she claims they manipulate the tax system. Well, […]

This Trade Idea Continues To Produce Profits

This stock continues to give and, as long as it’s giving, let’s keep taking… Last week, we gave an update on the E-mini Russell 2000 trade opportunity that was beginning to grow legs and become bullish. This trade idea is approaching 3 weeks old, but a winner’s a winner and […]

Market Rises… But These Numbers Look Grim

As the states begin to open again, we finally have a better grasp of what we can expect in the coming months, and it’s not all good news.