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Rolling Out of Tech and into New Opportunities in 2023

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Market Outlook

You’re well acquainted with the factors hitting headlines and pocketbooks in 2022…

Inflation, rising interest rates, the affordability of basic needs like heating a home and then there’s also the war.

At the core, we’re experiencing the Covid rubber band as it stretches the market and economy from bull to recession. That’s especially true for tech and stay-at-home stocks.

ZOOM was the darling connecting the world in a shutdown economy. Until it didn’t. ZOOM now looks more like GLOOM.

ZOOM stock chart

But other sectors and stocks are screaming “Opportunity!” based on my analysis of this recession. It’s the type of opportunity that only occurs once every few years, which is why I want you to catch what’s happening.

For example, I noticed professional accumulation stepping into Hormel (HRL) just last week.

stock chart of Hormel

It doesn’t mean HRL will go straight up from here over the next several years. It just means that the price might rise for the next several weeks because this type of trained accumulation, accompanied by other factors, often leads to this result.

The goal for traders is to ride the increase with them and then step aside.

I like the timely research available from Garrett Baldwin on exactly this. He sees longer-term plays in specific sectors, which is congruent with what I’ve been noting independently.

With that, I also see the double bonus of shorter-term plays setting up right alongside his research.

I want you to see it because I expect this research will be enormously valuable to your trading and investing in 2023.

Think and win!


WRITTEN BY<br>Celeste Lindman

Celeste Lindman

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