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Rumor Mill Whips Bulls Into a Gap-Buying Frenzy

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Options

These choppy markets move fast and order flow has been heavy this week — creating a perfect storm for the screamer that hit the Blitz Tracker just after the open on Wednesday…

Activist investing continues to move stocks, and this time they didn’t even have to buy anything!

Like we saw last week with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter Inc. (Nasdaq: TWTR), investors with deep pockets can change the conversation for the big-wigs in the boardroom…

And when that news hits, it can also make a BIG impact on share prices in a hurry!

I can speak to that firsthand because Wednesday’s activist investor activity had me scrambling to get in place before a certain stock moved out of the buy window.

This trade broke so quickly, my team and I barely had time to send it…

Activist Investor Buying Rumors Sends Gap Stock Straight Up

If you’ve been paying attention to anything I’ve said recently, then you should already know these two things…

First, I love trading retail stocks, and the sector’s been surprisingly strong in recent weeks.

The trend continued Wednesday as we saw huge options activity in Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS).

Company shares have declined more than 60% from its May 2021 highs and the word on the street is  that it’s a buy target of activist investors.

The buzz kicked off a massive spike in volume with shares trading more than three times the average volume.

The difference in the options chain is even more dramatic with over five times the 30-day average.

Less than 10 minutes into the open, my scanner picked up two huge options buys in April monthly options.

The alert hit Telegram by 9:42 a.m. EDT with the contracts trading around $0.40. And just ten minutes later, those calls were trading for $0.80* — booking one of the fastest doubles my Weekly Blitz Alerts strategy has ever seen!

And in my usual style, I sold way too early… Those April 14 expiration $14 strike calls continued to run for another 30 minutes, peaking at $1.34* per contract.

Not a bad way to start the day!

P.S. Corporate insiders raked in a record-breaking $69 billion in trading returns in 2021… 

It’s led many to believe these huge gains made by top-ranking corporate executives have spiraled out of control. And for good reason…

If you’re one of the many American investors who feel cheated, you’ll want to check out what I have to say… 

I believe this $69 billion spiral is one of the best opportunities in the stock market… if you know how to play it, of course! 

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*Stated results are typical for given period. Past performance is not indicative of any future results. Trade at your own risk.

WRITTEN BY<br>Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito

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