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My Holiday-Week Watchlist and How We Reeled in 6 Overnight Winners!

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Crypto

Thursday was not kind to tech stocks… The tech-heavy Nasdaq gave back all of its gains from Wednesday’s J-Pow pump following the announcement from the Federal Reserve, and it was down nearly 5% total entering Friday.

In turn, Thursday’s session saw outflows of cash from tech leaders and growth stocks along with a rotation into interest rate-sensitive financial names and biotech stocks.

But while it’s been a bad week for the tech crowd, it’s been a fantastic week for fast profits, with Wiretap Alerts, Daily Profits War RoomBlockbuster Breakout Calendar and Weekly Blitz Alerts all scoring overnight winning trades — and even faster in some cases!

With those wins in the books, we’re looking to keep the hot streak going into the holiday-shortened week ahead, and I have three trades at the top of my New Money Crew Weekend Watchlist for Santa to leave in my trade account including my top earnings play for the week. Check those out in the video below.

But first, let’s take stock of what worked this week along with the three names that traders need to have on their radar entering the holiday week in the New Money Crew Weekend Watchlist!

Overnight Winners and the New Money Crew Weekend Watchlist

Our week of quick gains got off to a great start with the breakdown of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC)… The company crushed the dreams of retail apes everywhere when it showed more C-suite selling in its SEC filing and shot down rumors of issuing NFT dividends. The stock continued its sell-off on Monday while Wiretap Alerts closed the Dec. 17 $27 puts at the open for a 28% win!

The streak kept on rolling for my Weekly Blitz Alerts strategy as we started with a trade on our old friend Foot Locker (NYSE: FL) on Monday… 

The apparel retailer announced the launch of its first line of women’s clothing, Cozi, which is available this holiday season. The news helped flip momentum in the stock, which jumped nearly 4.5% on Tuesday from the prior day’s lows, netting Blitz a 50% winner in the Dec. 23 $43 strike calls — yes, overnight! 

And if that weren’t enough, we followed that up with lightning-fast wins on The Kraft Heinz Company (Nasdaq: KHC), reeling in as much as 80% on the Jan. 14, 2022, $36 strike calls in just over four hours!

But if I have to pick a trade of the week, it has to be from my Blockbuster Breakout Calendar strategy. With the midweek Fed announcement looming on Wednesday and markets selling off, I sent out an alert for members to pick up the Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Jan. 21, 2022, $60 call options

We saw similar rotations into Pfizer in periods of uncertainty, and the post-FOMC shift to safety saw traders pour into biotech stocks like PFE, spiking shares 4% while Blockbuster closed out a 100% overnight win!

Check out the quick video below for the names on the New Money Crew Weekend Watchlist and I’ll break down these top trades in under two minutes. If you’re looking for more guidance on the hottest flow heading into the weekend, be sure to check out my Wiretap Trade Alerts strategy!

Don’t forget you can follow me @LanceIppolito on Twitter, Instagram and our YouTube channel for more trading insights and tips. And as always, you can find me right here talking stocks and options trading — and printing money — on WealthPress.com!

P.S. Anyone placing trades during the week may actually be stacking the cards against themselves…

Look, every week, thousands of headlines like earnings or bad news out of the Federal Reserve or China wreck what may seem to be perfectly good trade setups. 

So instead of traders risking their hard-earned cash during the meat of the week, there’s a simple Friday afternoon strategy that skips all of the madness…

It taps into some of the most reliable forces in the market, already giving New Money Crew Head Trader Lance Ippolito direct access to trade gains like 90% on ZNGA… 96% on INTC… and even 610% on CRSR!

Learn How It Works  

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Lance Ippolito

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