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3 Health Care Stocks to Trade as Delta Variant Fears Hit Wall Street

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Market Updates

If COVID-19 cases continue to rise and fears skyrocket, investors should look to the Health Care sector. Not only will these stocks benefit directly from vaccine production and research, but they’re also inflation neutral. 

And I’ve identified three Health Care stocks to trade this market scare — and more in today’s stock market recap.

But first…

Stock Market Recap

In the stock market recap, global markets are down as COVID-19’s delta variant fears have hit Wall Street.

Stocks fell this morning as investors panicked with cases of the delta variant rising around the world. As I’ve said numerous times the past few weeks, stocks are vulnerable… And a rise in COVID-19 fears may send them to an overdue cooldown. 

Large-cap tech stocks continue to hold up the Nasdaq. The largest 100 stocks in the Nasdaq have 67% of stocks trading above their 50-day moving averages. When you look at the Nasdaq composite, only 33% of stocks are trading above their 50-day MA. 

Recent performance in the Nasdaq and S&P 500 does not accurately reflect how stocks are performing overall, without capitalization weighting. 

The summer is running wild with inflation and COVID-19 fears. Earnings may be overshadowed by these headlines unless numbers are significantly different than expected. 

Roger’s Radar: 3 Health Care Stocks to Trade Delta Fears

Globus Medical Inc. (NYSE: GMED) is a medical device company. It had a recent pullback and will look to bounce back with COVID-19 fears reignited. It has a market cap of $8 billion and a one-year return of 69.26%. 

The second stock I’ve identified provides products and services to a wide variety of private and public companies’ drug research and development. It has a one-year return of 101.62%. The third stock is a pharmaceutical company coming off a recent pullback. We should see these stocks and others in the Health Care sector rise as COVID-19 variants spread.  

In this video, you’ll discover why there’s a sell-off happening in the market… why the bond market’s rise is only temporary… what to expect from large-cap tech stocks… the best sector to be in right now… and the three hottest stocks to trade that sector.


Last week I told you I expected a market pullback due to the explosion in COVID cases.

Well… it’s starting. And I need to update you on what I expect to happen next and the best way to play this increasingly volatile market.

Join me today in my VIP Trade Room session — absolutely free.

I will open the trade room today at 2 p.m. ET. Simply use the link below to join the room before 2 p.m.:


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Roger Scott

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