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4 Things Traders Should Do Before Entering Trade

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Most traders and investors don’t know this, but there are some quick questions we can ask ourselves to see if we’re making decent trades.  

Those four questions are: 

  1. Am I above the opening of the day? That simply means if a stock opens at $26.50 a share, are you above that level? 

  2. Am I above the high of the reference or record-point bar?

  3. Am I above the weekly midpoint? 

  4. Is the current bar higher than the previous bar? 

Since we have a jam-packed trading week, we thought we’d show you exactly how these steps work. And we’ll even throw in some top probabilities for the week, a few key terms you’ll want to know and a list of stocks we’re targeting now.  

WRITTEN BY<br>Tom Busby

Tom Busby

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