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Dial up Big Profits With These 2 Fast-Moving Telecom Stocks

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

Believe it or not, but fall is the most volatile season of the year on Wall Street… Just in case you haven’t noticed, it’s right around the corner, folks.

The VIX, which measures short-term volatility and is known as the “fear gauge,” is back to pre-COVID-19 levels… bonds are sitting right at the 200-day moving average… there’s massive divergence between individual sectors… and fragmentation in the market…

It’s safe to say that volatility is about to pick up!  

But what most people don’t know is that when it comes to market volatility and even inflation, telecom names are some of the best to trade. 

And luckily for us, I’ve managed to get my hands on a few telecom stocks to trade for fall…

The 2 Best Telecom Stocks to Trade for Fall

I want you to just think about something…

When you want to listen to music, most people don’t turn on the radio anymore. Instead, you most likely turn on your favorite app on your phone. When you’re looking for directions, you don’t look at an actual map. You probably turn to Google Maps.

That’s data, and without it, the world wouldn’t be able to function. 

But that’s also why the best telecom stocks to trade for fall tend to brush off inflationary pressure and are considered defensive plays. I mean, people aren’t going to stop talking on their cell phones or start using less data because their internet costs $5 more per month. 

And, more importantly, telecom has become a necessity as we gain more technical advancements, which will only extend into the future more and more. 

That’s especially true when you consider that President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill is putting a ton of weight behind 5G networks and the potential benefits that holds for both businesses and consumers over the long term.

So make sure you check out my short video and the best telecom stocks to trade this fall that I’m giving away inside. 

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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