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2 Small-Cap Stocks to Snatch up This Holiday Season

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Stocks

Here’s the deal…

The end of the year is less than two months away… And if you remember what happened at this time last year, then you know small-cap stocks gained 33-plus percent from November to January. 

These are the strongest months of the year historically… The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both gain 3% and 6%, respectively, during this timeframe on average.

So it’s no wonder why everyone’s main question is whether the Russell 2000 will dominate the market toward the end of the year again. And if so, how to profit from small-cap stocks in 2021…

How to Profit From Small-Cap Stocks in 2021

With all of the inflationary pressure, traders will shift out of high-growth, speculative stocks and into meat-and-potato value names that show real earnings potential ahead. 

That’s why I’m highlighting two small-cap stocks for the rest of 2021 in the video below! 

Both names are set to trade higher in the coming months. Believe it or not, a ton of small-cap stocks are showing remarkable earnings strength and strong profit margins — especially in non-speculative sectors. 

If you’re one of my long-haulers, then the first company shouldn’t be a surprise… 

It develops video-compression and image-processing semiconductors that are used in digital cameras, camcorders and video-enabled cell phones… that’s pretty fancy stuff if I do say so myself! 

Now, I mentioned this stock back in February when its price was around $117. Since then, it’s reached $200 per share — I hope you got in then — and I don’t see any signs of a major slowdown ahead…

So check out my short video below to learn how to profit from small-cap stocks in 2021…

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Roger Scott

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